Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shameless distraction!

5 month-old bottoms!

I am hoping that helped you forget the fact that I have not blogged in over a month. A funny thing happens when I stopped pumping (!) and was able to nurse instead- no more laptop time. While this was my ultimate goal, I miss reading blogs from a screen larger than my iPhone, and really miss blogging regularly. Mid-year resolution: short and sweet updates.

The boys are five months old! The nursing continues to go well- we have not used a bottle in weeks and are not looking back. I am so proud of them! They love to nurse now, and I usually have at least one baby attached to me for the better part of the day. I think they each nurse around 10 times a day- maybe more. They demand feed at night, too, which is getting out of hand (since they wake up to nurse and promptly fall asleep after latching on) but for now, it works for us.

Everyone is growing- our Cheeks is still the largest at a whopping 13 pounds! He is on the chart for his weight without adjusting for prematurity. Clearly, his nickname still fits. He has become extremely vocal about everything. He coos loudly at himself in the mirror, grunts while I get ready to nurse him, and is the first to exhibit stranger anxiety with heart-wrenching wails. Luckily, he is never with any strangers for long, but even out in the community, he can be sensitive. He has a ginormous head that we are hoping rounds out a bit soon, but at least we know his brain is a-growing.

O-Bear is also getting so big! He is definitely our snuggler. Wherever he is, he reaches for his brothers and hooks arms with them. He will settle for just gripping their sleeve or hand if necessary, but he likes to be really linked in to his brothers. Lately, he has been bucking while laying on his back, with just his head and feet on the floor and boy, can he move! He basically refuses to roll from front to back (something his brothers love to do) and settles for sucking on his hand. Our O usually has a few fingers in his mouth and drool on his shirt.

Ace lives up to that nickname! He rolled over first and is working on back to front. While his Nanna was here, he laughed out loud many times for her and will now for us, if we kiss his neck noisily. He is sort of a boob hog and will cry when he sees his brothers eating until his turn. Ace continues to be super social and loves to be worn facing out in the Bjorn, so he can see the world. He flirts with everyone, with a wide-open grin and loves new people. He reaches for and holds toys, as do his brothers, and he has showed them how to mostly get toys to their target: the mouth!

So much to write about- more coming on nursing, "leftover" embryos, multiple parenting and other adventures! For those who still read- thank you! Better posts follow... but now, I must sleep for an hour before someone wakes up to eat.