Saturday, November 19, 2011

(Barely) Controlled Chaos

HI! I am going to pretend like I haven't been away for far too long and just say this: HOLY HELL. Triplet toddlers are trouble.

I cannot believe the things they think of! They moved their table over to the oven after I had to hide their chairs- quite resourceful!

They like to jump off of things. They even like to build things just to climb onto something taller to jump off.

There are moments of cooperation, but these are few compared with the battling over toys...

There is a major interest in being inside of toys. They always exclaim they are going to "Costco for popsicles!"

And my little guys are TWO! They are an all-at-once roving horde of destruction, full of snuggling (still nursing) gang of boys with whom I am totally in love! Each day is different, but always a challenge for me. Mommy is growing gray hair.

This was our thank-you card photo after their birthday- lollipops got them to at least look our way.

I won't promise more posts, since I am notoriously bad at following through, but I will try! Interesting identical twin connection versus our fraternal guy... also, pondering preschool for next year. SO much to think about!

Happy, happy season of gratitude and Thanksgiving to everyone. I am so very grateful for the amazing communities of mommies around the world, outside my door, and online too.