Saturday, February 13, 2010

3 1/2 Months!

If I show you a super-cutie-pants picture will you forgive me for not blogging in WEEKS?

Baby A, Baby B, Baby C (Scroll down for updated nicknames)

I hope that worked! As usual, our days are so full of feedings, pumpings, changings and snuggles, but that is no excuse for an extended bloggy absence. Or for my lack of commenting, but friends, I promise I am reading and will quit it with the quiet lurker behavior.

Updates, in list form:

- I must change the babies' silly and unfitting nicknames which I assigned (after surgery and with three newborns) in the NICU. The babies will now be known by nicknames that mean something and use their first initials:

"Cheeks" is Baby A. He is CHUBBY! Possibly our most high-need baby, requiring a lot of help to settle, sleep and eat. He also has the most gorgeous grin and coos loudly, especially at his big sister. He is not a fan of being in the car and has almost required me to run red lights to avoid stopping. Did I mention the cheeks? SQUEEZABLE and chunky. His twin is O-Bear.

"O-Bear" is our Baby B. I have always called him O-Bear. He is our little fighter who had NEC in the hospital and who has recovered his weight difference to pass Baby C and almost pass Cheeks! We have a harder and harder time telling them apart as he gains so well. He eats the most and is quite dramatic. If he coughs, or coos to much, he chokes on his saliva and lots of dramatic gagging ensues. He is flirty and bats his long and curled eyelashes at everyone while tuning his head to the side and saying "ah-goooooooo".

"Ace" is Baby C. He is not a twin, but knows he is a triplet. He is patient, calm and collected. He rarely cries and smiles all day long. He has dark hair and olive skin, while the twins are fair and blonde like me and my daughter. Wait for the best part: he nurses WITHOUT a supplement after, about every 3 hours during the day. Oh, and he nurses all night, laying next to mommy. :) He also has more strength and just seems older. He doesn't have some of the other preemie behaviors that the twins have, like over extension of their bodies and weak sucks. (See more on that below...)

- We are BIG! The babies are all 11 - 11.5 pounds and growing so well!

- STILL working on breastfeeding but these boys are getting no formula! I am pumping 'round the clock to ensure the twins have milk for their supplemental bottles after nursing and at night. Hate my pump sometimes, but it has enabled me to provide for them!

- The twins were seen by a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and both have weak jaws/tongues and are just not ABLE to get all they need from the breast... YET! I keep up with nursing each one at each feeding, and give them my milk in a bottle if we need to. I want them so badly to be able to do it, but they are not there yet.

- I have some amazing LLL friends who are keeping me sane, and one even brings me her own expressed milk on occassion. I call them crying, frustrated and they bring me back to the fact that I am nursing TRIPLETS and that is a wonderful thing. I am the luckiest mommy ever.

- I am coming up on my Blogoversary! A year-in-review post will be coming.


  1. All is forgiven, always! And oh my gosh, when you post a pic like THAT, who could hold ANYTHING against you? The boys are just dreamy.

    Believe me, I totally get how exhausted you are. I've been "stalking" your blog almost daily, but understand not having time to post/comment. Only time I have to check in on everyone is while pumping. Ugh!

    There are many, many similarities with our babies A, B & C. It almost sounded like you were describing MY children's personalities. I wonder if birth order has something to do with it. Baby A is our high maintenance gal, baby C is the most relaxed, and baby B is somewhere in between. Sending you, your dh, A, and the boys lots of energy and strength to keep going.

  2. Seriously, I am deeply impressed that you are blogging at all with triplets (and a daughter!) in the house. Also, how cute are they?!? I'm so amazed that you are breastfeeding all of them. I hope you pause to give yourself credit for all that work. (Though I'm sure 'pause' is not an activity you get to do very often.)

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog, too. One more week to wait...

  3. Sounds like you are all doing so well! I am surprised you are posting as much as you are, I know this is an absolutely crazy time:).

    Hang in there!

  4. You are absolutely forgiven. Oh my god. That picture cannot be good for my gestational diabetes. There goes lunch.

    You are a CHAMP. An absolute champ.

  5. YOU are awesome. Keep up the good work...and I imagine there is a lot of WORK to be had (blogging, you have to apologize for that!). Super cute pic. :-) Thanks for the update!

  6. They are so chuuuby! You should be proud of yourself for doing such a great job!

    BTW, I have a few Qs for you (and probably for all multiples Moms I guess)! How did you manage to be up on your toes after the c-section. I mean, I know you gotta do what you gotta do. But typically, the docs advice you to take it easy... so are there any tips and guidlines you followed while making trips to the NICU and being with the babies?

  7. I cried when I read this. I'm so glad that they're doing so well, that YOU and the rest of your family are well. You're my hero for nursing triplets.

  8. Wonderful. All wonderful.

    To address BB's question, I relied on my husband and the relatives who stayed with us for the first couple of months to make things easier. For example, when going to the NICU, he'd drop me off at the door of the hospital and go to park the car himself. Once we were home, sometimes we'd do something like have someone else change a baby and bring him/her to me to feed so that I didn't need to get up. Definitely no carrying car seats or bags or anything.

    But yeah, it's pretty much impossible to take it as easy you should after giving birth to multiples.

  9. awwwww, how cute are they! and they look so big, way to go boys! so great to read a post from you again! :)

  10. You are totally forgiven!

    They are getting SO big! Thanks for sharing them with us.

    You are amazing. Simply amazing.

  11. So glad to hear they're thriving. Hope all 3 end up exclusively BFing soon.

  12. Adorable boys! :) Glad you've had time to update- I've been curious. :) AMAZING with the zero-supplements. That is INCREDIBLE!!

  13. Eek! I love the cute boys!!! Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistible" comes to mind...

    You already know this, but I pretty much think you are ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS. Tasty ones. You are such a dedicated mama and I love ya for it.

    I also love that I can text you when I am having a rough time, even in the middle of the night (like, um now) and you will respond with encouragement and funnies.


  14. Thanks for the comment! I have to admit - I have lurked on your blog for a while! Your babies are so sweet - and you sound like a total and complete rock star!

  15. Thanks for the encouragement & the information. Could you please let me know which brand of Goat's Rue you are using... I am considering this one - if I have to go that route: Also, did you start with these things right away or did you wait to see how your supply was?

  16. Sooo funny! Our Baby C is the calm easy one too! And she also looks so different from her sisters. Olive skin, dark hair with fair sisters :) Must be the Baby C thing. lol.

  17. You are on top of things - that was a quick response! I sent you an email - with more questions to bother you! Sorry :)

  18. With pictures like that you might get away with not posting words at all... ever! Pictures, just pictures may be all that's needed. Tee hee.

    They're cuties!! My son is 2 weeks behind your guys (in adjusted age) but I did want to say that your guys are JUST barely behind him in weight! Wooo hoo! And my guy is a singleton!

  19. Oops, I meant real age, not adjusted.

  20. Oh man, what a gorgeous picture that is. You are doing so great. So nice to hear about each of your little guys. And hooray for your LLL friends!

  21. Sounds great!!! What adorable babes!