Sunday, June 20, 2010

I almost just Googled, "Creative Blog Post Title"

Pathetic. Anyhoo...

Right next to the button I just pushed that says, "New Post" is the information that I have not posted since March 27! WHAT? (A very sheepish blush has overcome my cheeks...)

Needless to say, I am a bit on the busy side with eight month old triplets and our nearly four year old, but how can I continue to neglect anyone who still reads this crazy blog? This year has certainly been different from last. On Father's Day last year, we had a fun family brunch and relaxed all day. I was 16 weeks pregnant with my three perfect boys, and thanking my husband for being such an amazing Daddy to our daughter and daddy-to-be to our little guys. This year, we both had the luxury of a shower, made it through the day with three teething babies, a tyrannical almost-four-year-old and are currently trying to decide if we can stay up until 9 pm to watch "True Blood". Interestingly enough, I talked about that (most awesome of awesome) show last year. It seems some things never change.

Everything else does!

Some pictures and highlights to catch you up...

- We have three teeth among the boys, spread out over two babies! Cheeks and O-Bear, true to their identical twin-ness cut their first tooth within a week of each other, and now Cheeks has number two!

- Ace (always the rockstar nurser) has also become the rockstar eater! He eats three solid meals a day- homemade veggies or fruit and Yobaby, his fave. The other day, we were trying to entice O-Bear to just TRY some yogurt (It is sweet! And creamy!) while Ace ate some of his favorite pear-banana-peach blend that I whipped up. He saw us giving his brother yogurt and cried so hard and whacked his tiny, ineffectual fists on the tray until we shared the cultured wealth.

- Cheeks and O-Bear mostly make faces like you are trying to poison them when you attempt to spoon some goodness in. They really just want to nurse (ALL the time, which is fine by me) but are beginning to dabble in vanilla Yobaby. Only vanilla.

- They are all rolling everywhere, which scares and delights me, but are not sitting up. I really am excited for this so they can have a new view that does not include our ceiling and perhaps they'll be a bit more entertained when my mom and I try to pee/make dinner/take care of their sister.

- I have become obsessed with the only hobby that I can do at home: baking! I bake something (usually some delish cookie with chocolate in it) at least once a day, and have been on a cake kick lately. I am thinking of starting a baking blog, complete with fantastic (ha!) looking pictures of my creations and lots of recipes. It would be a fun thing to do from home, while babes sleep, and that is unrelated to parenting, nursing or multiples. As soon as I have my blog looking good and sweet, I'll share the url. Hopefully it will be a well-nurtured blog! (The best cookie I made this week: chocolate marbled oatmeal cookies. HEAVEN.)

Some happenings:

A, "nursing" her doll

O-Bear, who insists he is on his tummy at all times

We happen to be on the other side of the state with the kids (and my awesome mother, and my little cousin) in search of the sun, as it appears it will never shine again in Seattle. One of my assignments for the week: more blog-friendly pictures and another post. I promise one by Friday. Dang, I am getting ambitious around here...

I have a more serious and reflective post in the works, one that makes me all teary and sweaty, about the guilt I feel to not be the mom I was to my daughter, about how hard it is to see two crying babies and sometimes have to choose which one to hold, about how I still want to have a clean house and make dinner, which means sometimes I choose to do housework while my mom hangs with babies. It is all a recipe for guilt and anxiety for me lately, and I am working on being more forgiving and also trying to have quality time with all four of my children, each day. Even if it is only for one chorus of "The Wheels on the Bus".

I am catching up in my Google Reader while on vacation. Expect to see me in your comments!


  1. I miss your updates! Glad you posted :)

  2. Glad you checked in! Can't believe your babies are 8 months old!!

  3. Love you. Excited for our ph date tomorrow. I'm pretty much just showing off by commenting and saying I already know about everything you posted and are going to post. Because, well, I'M YOUR BLOGGY BFF/GIRLFRIEND/SOULMATE! xoxo

  4. Thanks for blogging. I still check in regularly! I can't believe how big your boys are getting. I am also so incredibly impressed (and in complete awe) at your ability to breastfeed x3. I love that you have found an outlet in baking. . .Back then, blogging was my outlet. You need it! :)

  5. Glad to hear all is going well!

  6. I have trouble with titles too :) haha

    So happy to hear everything is going well. I seriously can't believe your boys are 8 months already!

  7. Oh how I have missed your updates...but can't imagine how busy you much be!!! One baby is so much work that I am in awe with you having 3 and a little lady;) Can't wait to hear more! Have a great vacation!!

  8. Glad to see you update! I can't believe your boys are eight months old!!

  9. So good to hear from you! Time flies huh? I am envious that you find time to bake with four kids! That's awesome. I can't wait to be inspired by your new blog. . . :)

  10. So good to hear from you!! Looking forward to hearing more about the baking..... ;)

  11. Carrie: So nice to see a post. I still check in on you. Our babies are 6 months old! Where does time go....Are you on facebook? If so, email me.

    Lacy From FL

  12. Yea, so happy to see an update and know all is well. :) It warms my heart to hear you taking such incredible care of all your children, especially the triplets. Makes me miss mine all the more, but it still makes me happy to read it. xoxo to all the sweet kiddos!

  13. I've missed you! Glad you're all doing well. Can't believe all the baking you've been doing. I can barely manage to feed myself meals.

  14. I've missed you as well!!! Would LOVE more photos!!!


  15. You have been missed, my dear. Not a day goes by that I don't wonder how you're holding up. Love the pics, especially the one of A "nursing!" Too adorable. The baking sounds divine.

    I can relate to the rolling, but not sitting. That will come. All in good time.

    As for the guilt and anxiety about not being able to be everywhere... it's such an unfortunate part of the triplet experience. 3x the giggles balances it out, though. Hang in there!

  16. Yeah! The blog is back! I so have missed reading your entries! Are you going to have a "tyranical 4 year old entry?" What the heck transforms those older siblings when a new baby joins the family?

  17. SO glad to see an update...and a wonderful comment from you on my blog! ;)

    I can't believe the boys are already 8 months old! With my sweet tooth right now, your baking sounds divine!

    Looking forward to more updates from you...

  18. Whoa - we're coming up fast on first birthdays. Hard to believe, isn't it? I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you and the boys. Miss you!

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