Thursday, April 21, 2011

18 months already?

How did my sweet, four-pound preemies become such big toddlers?

As a result of excitedly over-volunteering, I find myself with only a few minutes for this post, but as I stated last week, brief and frequent is the goal.

What are we up to, you ask?

Still nursing, and loving it! (Except when they beat on each other or me in order to get a latch position...)

Egg Decorating


Egg Hunting

Four SERIOUSLY handsome boys

This is how we roll; the comments about the stroller are truly endless.

Happy half birthday, sweet boys! I adore each of you!

Coming posts: "Why I Want to Have Another Baby OR My Husband Thinks I Am Nuts-o" and "What the Boys are up to These Days: the Chaos Files".


  1. Kids are precious! How long do you want to breastfeed? I would have breastfed longer if I could have. I think if I had 5 babies I might still want more :)

  2. You have a beautiful family. You are super mom, seriously. Nora will one in a month (yes, it's too fast) and I'm just weaning from pumping. I can't do it anymore. 18 months. with triplets. Very impressive!

  3. I am amazed that you are still nursing!

    Happy half-birthday!

  4. All your kids are beautiful! Can't believe you're still managing to breastfeed triplets, or that you're wanting more kids. I don't think I'd be able to handle 4 myself.
    Keep the photos and posts coming!

  5. Wow! I must say, I still admire you for your determination. Happy 1/2 birthday!

  6. awesome! you guys look great!

  7. Love that stroller!!! That's a good work out pushing the boys and carrying your daughter!!

  8. The kiddos are way too cute!! I'm so happy you're sharing pictures now. It's so nice to put faces to the nicknames!

  9. Woooo hoooo! So glad to see you here again! And the blog looks great! And I loooooooooove the photos!

    I have that stroller and love it. Never got the third seat myself, though Emma used to perch herself on the kickplate and I get a lot of comments with that. Ha.

    Still nursing! That's great! We are too! I actually came here to see if you could email me -- I am in contact with a mama of 2 also expecting triplets and she wants breastfeeding info (like who specifically you'd recommend going to for support?). Email me at sunfrog at comcast dot net. Thanks!

  10. Hello,
    My name is Kari, I live in Seattle. I have 2 children and I am expecting triplets. If you have the time I would like to get in touch with you to learn more. I breastfed both boys until they were 2.5 years old. I intent to breastfeed the triplets as well, though I do not know where to start. Did you have a lactation consultant that knew about breastfeeding triplets? My e-mail is

    All the best,

  11. I used to read your blog a while ago and thought you had called it quits...LOVE the stroller, who makes it? I seriously want one! My triplets are 8 mo old and I nurse them all, you must write about the dynamic (jealousy, frequency), would like to know how you make it work now that they are older.

    Pitts Trips

  12. Can't wait to read the upcoming posts, especially "What the Boys are up to These Days: the Chaos Files." Very excited about the prospect of short, frequent updates to keep up with your clan. The girls are sending hugs and kisses.

  13. You seem to be MIA again! Hope you guys are enjoying the summer!

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  15. I LOVE!!!!! that you're still nursing! Or were as of this post. That's awesome!

  16. Your little ones are precious!! I have one little miracle 18 month old, and he is a handfull by himself. I can't imagine what it is like with three of them. I have started a blog as well and I was wondering if you would be interested in me guest posting on your blog? I could write about anything that has to do with infertility. Check out my blog if you have a chance and let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

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