Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mobility Anxiety! And the Blonde Baker!

I am excited to share my new blog with you! This whole parenting-triplets-thing requires serious baked good consumption, so I decided to channel all the time I spend baking, reading cookbooks and sharing treats with friends into a blog all it's own. Please come check it out- and try a recipe or two. (I also heard a rumor there is a picture of me on the About page. Just sayin'.) I am The Blonde Baker!

Back to our (semi-)regularly scheduled programming.

We are entering new territory here, folks. MOBILITY. Although the babies have yet to sit up without some major assistance, they are figuring out how to move. Quickly. Usually toward a sharp object or one of their sister's choking-hazardesque toys. We are entering an uncharted territory of "busy".

It is usually my mom and I (thank heavens for her!) all day with the trips and A, so we usually rotate who rushes upstairs to get ready or shower in the mornings. We take our iPhones and text if help is needed. Usually, things go fine, although I may end up holding two while pacing if they are fussy, or she could have to hold Cheeks while feeding Ace his breakfast. It's just the usual "double-arming-it" that we do daily.

Ace and O-Bear

Increasingly, the babies have been more and more content playing on the floor with lots of toys and one of us sitting with them. I usually have to adjust baby limbs so they don't conk each other in the face, sing songs with hand movements or pick up a fussier boy pretty much constantly. A few days ago, early in the morning, I was sitting on the floor drinking decaf, while A watched "Sesame Street" and the boys played. Pretty soon Cheeks became fussy and needed to be held, so I picked him up and sat him in my lap. Then A needed help in the bathroom, so Cheeks and I went to help her. By the time I got back, O-Bear had army crawled all the way to the ottoman and was half way stuck underneath it and Ace had rolled about 20 feet to the hardwood floor and bonked his head in the process. My mom rushed down to see what the hysteria was about, and all I could do was stand there, holding two crying babies, with a look of terror a glimpse of what was to come on my face: MOBILITY.

I believe the thought, "We are SCREWED!" ran through my head in stereo.

The new challenges now are not that they refuse to be set down, but that when they do, off they go in THREE directions! I knew this stage was coming, but I did not expect it yet! They cannot even sit up- what do they think they are doing, rolling/crawling/getting stuck already! We live in a three story home with hardwoods throughout the main floor and many a dangerous staircase entrance. The stairs need to be gated, the hard edges padded, and the choking hazards removed from the family room (by the way, all four-year-old girl toys are choking hazards).

Let the baby-herding begin!

Cheeks in the bath! Seriously, have you ever seen any cuter ones?