Thursday, April 21, 2011

18 months already?

How did my sweet, four-pound preemies become such big toddlers?

As a result of excitedly over-volunteering, I find myself with only a few minutes for this post, but as I stated last week, brief and frequent is the goal.

What are we up to, you ask?

Still nursing, and loving it! (Except when they beat on each other or me in order to get a latch position...)

Egg Decorating


Egg Hunting

Four SERIOUSLY handsome boys

This is how we roll; the comments about the stroller are truly endless.

Happy half birthday, sweet boys! I adore each of you!

Coming posts: "Why I Want to Have Another Baby OR My Husband Thinks I Am Nuts-o" and "What the Boys are up to These Days: the Chaos Files".

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Roadblocks to Blogging


Somehow, I knew life with three toddlers (nearly 1 and 1/2 now) and an almost-kindergartener would be busy, but really, I had no flipping idea of how busy it would get once mobility set in. Insanity! Chaos! Overwhelming Activity! These are the headlines that fly through my mind while I try to figure out how to adequately catch you up.

I have come to the conclusion that since I am not going to write a retrospective summary of what life has been like, we should just jump right into it. I am hoping to be able to blog more regularly as the boys become more manageable, but in order to do that, I should address some of the Blogging Roadblocks I have identified that get in the way:

1. TIME. Could I please have three extra hours in each day? I need the children to either be sleeping or playing independently though. Thanks! Seriously, between child-caring-for, preschool shuttling, cooking, cleaning, organizing, meal-planning and shopping, I am left with about an hour of truly "free time". And this is with the help of an amazing nanny and my mom. My free time is frequently spent running or at the gym, volunteering for A's school, or maybe grabbing tea with a friend. I will add blogging (reading AND writing) to that list again!

2. PICTURES. Okay, I have tried to keep my kids faces off my blog. I have, so far, done a good job of it. However, I find that some of my very favorite blogs are the opposite of anonymous. We are invited into someone's life, see what their days are like, and reflect with them on what it all means. It is hard, but not impossible, of course, to do this without photographs, but I find myself wanting to share more. I have almost blogged a thousand moments, but felt without a picture of what the kids all look like covered in ice cream from their first sundae, or a video of A pushing her brother in his red toy car, something would be lacking. I am hoping that this will help me document those small moments, and take more pictures!

3. QUANTITY. I have so much to say, and so little time to do it. This space will be for those moments in life that make us laugh, give pause, or connect with others in our amazing world. I want the kids to feel that we are all honoring that first soccer practice or scraped knee, taking time to say that despite the fact that I have four kids, each child's experience is important. Brevity but frequency may be the key to my blogging success.

What are your Blogging Roadblocks? How do you get around (or over!) them?

Let's start the photo-fun now...

Cheeks, O-Bear, Ace
October 2010, 2 weeks old

O-Bear, Cheeks, Ace
April 2010, 6 months old

Ace, O-Bear, Cheeks
October 2010, 12 months old

And my first born, my always-full-of-life daughter! I am in a bit of denial that she is almost five and off to kindergarten next year. WHAT?

I have some very cutie-pants pictures that are recent, but I need my techie husband to help me figure out how to connect to our AppleTV which has a Dropbox folder on it, containing the aforementioned cutie-pants pictures, from which I have somehow been denied access. (I only pretend to know what I am doing, technologically speaking.)

I do suppose that this might serve as a teaser for some of you to come back and check in with us? Recent pictures, and a video or two of the chaos that is our daily life are assured in the next post! If you are here, and reading, leave me a comment, so I can build up my Google Reader again. I would love to catch up with you and yours!