Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wonder Days

Hello out there!  I was reminded today by a friend of our long infertility journey, rocky and anxiety-producing pregnancy and subsequent impossibly difficult first couple of years with our triplet boys.  I felt compelled to post to saw how deeply I relate to all of you experiencing infertility and miscarriages, and to those of you raising multiples (or just one newborn- that is hard enough!).  I wanted to give you a peek into our daily life.  It is full of joy and laughter, but also sibling fights, sharing battles and the difficulty that raising four young kids, three of whom are the same age, brings.  Each and every day I get snuggled, loved (and occasionally, whacked with a dump truck).  Tuning into the small and tiny details of our days together allows me to navigate the insanity; like seeing the way C's eyelashes lay on his cheek when he is reading with me.  Coffee fuels the rest.