Sunday, May 3, 2009

A, B and C, Accounted for, or Hanging out on the Fence

After my freak out due to the spotting last night (which has stopped), we went to the RE and were reassured that A, B, and C all have strong heartbeats and measure perfect for their 9 weeks!

Here are the little darlings:




We got to see one of my favorite docs, Dr. L who did my retrieval and my transfer. When he came in, he was happy to see us but seemed a little negative about the triplet thing. Honestly, it was wonderful to hear his thoughts, which were very candid and honest. He was so respectful but when my husband asked what Dr. L thought about triplets, he said, "It is going to be really hard. We won't know until you go into labor if you will deliver at 24 weeks or 36 weeks. We just don't know, and you have to decide what to do before we know." He said when people ask him what he'd do, that the choice is made for him as he is a Catholic, but that he respected all choices. We sort of stared at him, hoping to hear some advisement one way or the other, but ultimately we know it is up to us.

We told him we'd be seeing two Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) doctors this week at two great hospitals, and he said that is the best we can do: listen to their opinions and make our educated decision before 12 weeks. Dr. L spoke with a lot of truth when he said, "Reduction has got to be an emotional decision, too." I go back and forth, just hanging out on the fence, trying to decide what the "right" thing is. And as my husband pointed out this morning, there is no "right" thing.

On one hand, we could have a difficult triplet pregnancy with bed rest, preterm labor and the NICU, or it could be uneventful and easier. We could reduce to a singleton and have an easy pregnancy, or lose the whole thing. It is a game of risks and not knowing, and it is wearing me out.

So to the Maternal Fetal Medicine docs we go tomorrow and again on Thursday, to find out more of what we already know and hopefully some new things too. I have my list of questions ready, and hope to have them all answered. There is an amazing and comprehensive list of questions to ask a Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor on Stirrup Queens; check it out!

Big, giant thanks to Karen (Mom of triplets and knower of many things) of It's Not a Clown Car who has spend so much time counseling, supporting me and providing me with information, contacts and networking. She is my hero and I am so happy she found my blog! Thanks to everyone else for all your kind words, thoughts, support and understanding. I cannot believe how lucky I am.


  1. It's all just so incredible. I'm thinking of you...

  2. wow. look at them. wow. Speechless. So happy for you.

  3. Totally amazing. I'll be thinking of you this week as you head to your appointments...I can't even imagine how much information you're absorbing right now.

  4. My doctor just had a patient deliver quads at 36 weeks and not much bed you never know what will happen. I think you have to just go with your heart. PS. this woman did water therepy and they say that it really helps with multiples!! Your in my thoughts and prayers!! ((HUGS))

  5. You have my thoughts and prayers as you take everything in and make life changing decisions. HUGS

  6. Seeing the u/s pics just warm my heart...

    I can only imagine all the things going thru your head right now. Just know that I am thinking about you, and praying that you feel peace with whatever decision you make.


  7. I could never imagine being faced with that decision, however, I honestly believe that things happen for a reason, so there is a reason that there are 3 babies for you. Having triplets, these days, is MUCH easier and safer than it was 10 years ago. Dr's know what they're doing, now, and know how to handle premies. I wish you the best in your decision and hope that regardless of whatever happens, it's the best situation for you and your husband.

  8. Hi Carrie,

    Thank you for sharing these picture and your expirence in pregnancy with triplets.

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  9. I wish you a lot of peace and comfort as you make your decision.

  10. I think your RE is fantastic, frankly. Most RE's really push for reduction. I mean really, really, really push for reduction. Even MY RE pushed for reduction (though, to be fair, I have some specific medical reasons that made it a very good choice for me). But RE's, frankly, have no business advising for a reduction - all they should be doing is exactly what your RE did - sending you to an MFM and telling you to listen to them and letting them help guide you in your very personal, and yes emotional, decision.

    (BTW, most reductions are actually done between 12 and 15 weeks - MFMs don't do them before 12 weeks)

  11. Anne Infertility ReduxMay 6, 2009 at 8:30 PM

    Wow. YAY! Great ultrasounds!