Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Disappointing, Shrinking Cervix

The cervix is no longer "nice and long". I don't really even want to call it "my cervix" since clearly it is not doing what I want it to do. I need it to hang on for another 9 weeks and then I might disown it.

Last week's measurement: 4.0 cm.
This week's measurement: 2.7 cm.


While this is not an alarmingly short measurement, the change is what is cause for concern. I was extremely upset by this, of course, and Dr. K (who I completely misjudged) hugged me for a good few minutes while I sobbed into her shoulder. I am still pretty upset and terrified, so a bullet list it will be.

- We discussed a cerclage (okay, I begged for one). At this point, the risk of rupturing A/B's sac is greater than my risk of delivering too soon. If it shortens again, we will do a cerclage (probably this or next week) but if it hangs in at 2.7, we will not do one. You pretty much cannot do one after 24 weeks, so the sooner we do it if we have to, the better. I will be measured again on Friday.

- I am now on Ibuprofen until I deliver. Every 6 hours, I take 600mg. This drug is extremely efficient and relaxing the uterus, which should cause less contractions which change the cervix.

- She did a pelvic and said it "feels better than it looks" and was hard, although shorter.

- I told her that I am a worrier, and am terrified. She said, "I am too! I think we'll see you twice a week. Would that make you feel better?" Would it ever!

- Modified bed rest it is. I am restricted from much activity at all. She told me to get more childcare NOW so my amazing mom and mother-in-law as well as a great nanny are all coming to help. I should not be lifting my daughter, chasing her around, carrying her up and down the stairs which I usually do. Dr. K told me the calmer the body is, the calmer the uterus is, and that is why bed rest helps with any kind of preterm contractions.

- Although it can stay this way for the rest of the pregnancy (and we HOPE it does!) the next steps would be cerclage, other drugs like Terbutaline, more strict bed rest or hospitalization.

- I asked her if she thinks we can get these babies to 28 weeks, and she said, "Absolutely!" which did so much to make me feel more calm. I hope and pray she is right. I want my boys to stay in as long as they can, where it is safe for them.

I am pretty much drained, and oh so frightened. Every twinge is making me think I just lost more length on the cervix... I am trying to find solace in the fact that I do have excellent care and they know what they are doing.

The beautiful boys, however, look perfect. No signs of TTTS, great heart beats and very active. I am so happy they are healthy, now my body has to do its job, and keep them inside for a long time. Next Tuesday I have a full growth ultrasound, so we will get weight estimates and more detailed anatomy on each of my sweet hearts.

When I came home, I was talking to my mom, crying, and my daughter touched my tears and said, "Why are you crying?". I told her that Mommy would have to rest all the time to help the boys grow big and strong and I was a little sad about it. She snuggled me and said, "Honey! It is going to be okay. You don't have to cry." My little angel, I hope she can understand when I cannot take her outside to play or tuck her into bed at night for a while.

Please, faithful readers, feel free to try to talk to the cervix. It is not listening to me.


  1. I really hope it does not get shorter!!! I'm hopeful for you :)

  2. Listen up Carrie's Cervix. In the words of Billy Joel - don't go changin' to try and please me. Don't change your length or your size. Ooooh oooh oooh ooooh oooh. We just want a Cervix that we can talk to. We want you just the wayyyyy you aaaaarrrrrre.

    Now that was the nice, coddling version of trying to convince you to stay long and closed, Carrie's Cervix. Don't make me use fighting words!

    Carrie, hang in there sweetie!!! If anyone can keep those darling boys happy in there, it's YOU! I know this is all so emotionally and physically draining, but you are strong and amazing and you will get through this. Your daughter sounds like a keeper. Lots of hugs all around!

  3. I don't blame you for worrying, it's natural! But it sounds like you have great monitoring by the doc, and lots of help to support you at home. Prayers up that your cervix behaves from this point forward!

    Oh, and regarding your previous post about what to watch during bed rest, I recommend the DVDs of "Psych" and "Pushing Daisies." Great shows to help distract and mellow you.

    Rest up so those babies can grow, grow, grow!

  4. Hon... I'm sending prayers your way! Prayers for your rebellious cervix to mellow out, prayers for peace for your heart, for understanding for your daughter, for wisdom for your doctors, and lots of good growth for your boys!

    Hang in there!

  5. Hi Carrie. I posted on my blog but I just wanted to send you a hug. Im praying for your cervix to say put! My guess is that this is just your "warning". Its time to REST and just grow those baby boys. Only 9 more weeks! That is a mere 63 days! You can do it!

  6. I would be worried too! I hope the rest helps and your cervix grows longer again!

  7. carrie - i cannot imagine the disappointment you must feel. 9 weeks will go by faster than you think! plan some nice movie time with A and snuggle up together. thinking about you!

  8. I totally feel your pain. Did they put you on the monitor? Where you contracting at all?

    I had to have a shot of terb and it was no fun. I'm on meds every 6 hours too but not on actual bedrest yet -- just told to take it as easy as possible.

    Hang in there. *hugs*

  9. i can't remember how i found your blog, but that doesn't matter. your cervix not changing anymore, that's what matters! good luck!

  10. You can do it Carrie! You are more than half way through... 9 weeks will pass by. You have a strong and mature little girl... and she will understand, she is going to be a perfect big sister to your boys! {HUGS}

  11. Carrie's cervix. Quit it. You heard me. Don't give me that look. This is a whole team effort and you, my little friend, have to start pulling with the rest of us. Yes, you. Don't you want to do your bit? Do you want everyone to be mad at you? Well then. What's that? You want to stop shortening? Wonderful. well done you!

  12. Oh bother! Your cervix needs to whip itself into shape ASAP! You are doing a great job - follow docs orders and rest, rest, rest. You and those babies are in my thoughts and prayers. HUGS!!

  13. Dear Carrie's Cervix: What the hell are you doing? You can do better than this! Shape up! (I don't really know what to say. I've never talked to any one's cervix before...haha!)

    Seriously, though, I hope everything holds strong so that you can keep those little boys in there for a while!

  14. Oh goodness. This is NOT what I wanted to read! But let me just say...your cervix is doing WAY better than my cervix did under the same circumstances! Now it's time to take the resting seriously and allow others to step in and help with your sweet daughter...I'm sending tons of good vibes in your direction that your cervix will NOT shorten anymore. (And for what it's worth, I'm scared to death of cerclages--I'm pretty much 100% certain that our emergency cerclage placement is what caused Adam's sack to rupture, so if you can get by without one, that's a VERY GOOD THING in my book.) Hoping and praying for you and your boys~ xxoo Brenna

  15. I'm not quite sure what to say to a cervix. I only have experience with grumbling at my own stupid ovaries. Hang in there, hun. We're pulling for you.

  16. Mine did the same thing at 19 weeks and I made it to 34 weeks (2 IDs too) with strict bedrest...you can do the same!! I felt the same way about my cervix at the time and now I actually appreciate that it quit changing when I started resting. Good luck!!
    Michele (blogless Mom of 14-month old BBB's)

  17. Damn disobidient cervix! Why we can't have more control over our body parts, I'll never know.

    I understand the change is alarming, but the good news is 2.7 is not a bad measurement for over 19 weeks with triplets and if felt strong so that's goood too. Just rest, rest, rest. You'll be able to make it up to your daughter in a few months. Sounds like she'll make a good big sister to her brothers. She's so sweet.

    I was watching a Baby Story again (I know, take the remote away from me please). Anyway, there was a lady who's cervix went to 3mm (not cm) at 25 weeks and she had to be on bedrest. I'm not sure if she had a cerclage. I'm thinking at that length there wouldn't be that much to sew up. She made it to 39 weeks. So remember it's quality, not quantity of cervix that's important.

    I think it's awesome you get to see your doc twice a week. SOunds like you are in good hands.

    I'll be thinking of you and your cervix. :)

  18. Oh Carrie,

    I am so sorry!!! Stay strong, those boys are counting on you. As for your daughter, think of all of the snuggling, quiet time you can have with her while on bed rest. She will be just fine without you lifting and carrying her!!!


  19. I'm sorry! I'm sure you're going crazy right now. I think your doctor's right- 2.7 isn't too short, but the fact that it changed is scary. It sounds like you're in good hands though. I love that your doctor is going to see you 2x a week. Turn on the AC, put your feet up, drink lots of water, and have yourself a movie marathon. Your mantra should be: My cervix is made of steel!

  20. Dear cervix,
    You are hereby commanded, by the IF blogging community, to KNOCK IT OFF and stay as you are. Do you hear us? Stop it. Trust me: you do not want to mess with us.

  21. I can't do better than crooning "Just the Way You Are" to your cervix, but I would like to pass along a message to it to cut this crap out. I would use stronger language, but the kids might hear.

    I know nothing we can say can ease the worry, but please know that there are lots of good thoughts and prayers coming your way. I'm so glad your in the care of doctors who know how to handle this situation. I'll be thinking of and praying for you, and hoping that your uterus and cervix take a major chill pill.

  22. OH Carrie, I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this stress!! You can do this though!! You and those 3 boys are going to make it!! Put up your feet and get the movies ready and keep talking to those boys and your cervix;) ((HUGS))

  23. Seriously, Carrie's cervix, LISTEN up!

    There will be NO more shortening, you hear me?

    Your job now is to stay nice and strong and long. You have to, no talking back. Just do it!


    I'm sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers for you, Carrie.

    Hang in there.

  24. I'd offer to bribe your cervix to make it behave, but promixing your cervix treats would just sound dirty.

    So I'll just give it a "Be good cervix".

  25. Dear Cervix, this behavior will not be tolerated. You will do as you're told and stay put. This is not a negotiable situation. Are you listening?

    Hope it helps! Come on modified bed rest. Lets hope it'll do the trick.

  26. I know how nervewracking a triplet pregnancy can be- but hang in there! I am no cervix expert, but have heard many, many stories of those that had shortened cervixes and still were able to deliver big, healthy babies. I know, it's still scary though.
    I just stumbled upon your blog- but you need to come over and join our multiples network at www.multiplesandmore.blogspot.com!

  27. Lots of prayers and positive thoughts coming your way, hon! I'm sorry you're so upset. Sending you peace, as well!

  28. Seeing that measurement go from "great" to "ehhh" is so terrifying. Take it easy and hang in there! Bedrest can do wonders. Get those boys where they need to be! :)

  29. i'm having similar issues and i had a cerclage placed preventatively... i know the worry is insane. we are just focusing on the positive. bed rest can do wonders (we are on strict b/r now) and i'm praying things work out for you.

  30. Sending your cervix lots of positive thoughts. You can do it!!! Best of luck to you during this very stressful time.