Saturday, July 18, 2009

Musings of a Couch Potato (more like Watermelon!)

Here I sit/lay, with not much to do but think and worry, rinse and repeat.

I am feeling so many fewer contractions since my new regimen started. The Nifedipine, Advil and rest combination have certainly slowed my contractions to almost nothing, and yesterday at my appointment, we saw my cervix is now 3.3-3.9 cm! This is great news. Someone commented to me that they had not realized the cervix could go both ways; indeed it can, and it does. With more activity and less meds, it would probably lose some length and we hope it grows even more or stays the same for the rest of the pregnancy now. I have spoken with several friends who were on the same meds and rest combination who all carried their babies well past 28 weeks. Both of them have noted the marked decrease in contractions with the Nifedipine in particular.

Dr. K was extremely pleased and said this is what we want to see: the cervix responded to the relaxation of the uterus and lengthened as a result. Of course that means my bed rest will continue until the boys come (hopefully around 14-16 weeks from now). She gave me more guidelines which really help me know how much is too much activity, and what I can still do. Dr. K reminded me that she is more liberal with bed rest than many at our practice, so enjoy it while I can. :) I trust these doctors so much, and will follow their instructions to the letter.

For now, I need to remain mostly on the couch, sitting or laying on my side, with a little walking around my house. I am not supposed to pick up my daughter, take too many trips up or down the stairs or do any housework or carrying. I asked if I could go places (besides doctor's appointments) and she said she encouraged it for mental health, but I need to go somewhere and sit, not go somewhere and walk around. For example, I can be dropped off at the door of a friend's home or a restaurant, and sit the whole time, or even go to a movie. I cannot, however, walk through the parking lot of a store and shop. She is going to get me a handicapped parking sticker to use for appointments to minimize even that walking. She reminded me that I can ride in a wheelchair through the mall, or use a motorized scooter at Target. I laugh when I picture this, but in about a week, I am going to be ready to go ANYWHERE that isn't my house!

I have been a bit crampy this morning, and get worried so easily. I will call the doctors (who may think I am a little nutty, but oh well) if I don't feel better soon. I know things can change quickly, and I am afraid that despite my doctor's efforts and my compliance, my body will not hold on. Please, body, continue to carry these boys as you should... they need a while longer inside of me. Dr. K said yesterday she would be very surprised if I delivered before 28 weeks, and has much higher hopes for me. Music to my ears! You hear that, body, we are going to 34 weeks at least!

Here are some pretty cute boy pictures for your enjoyment. I really think A and B look so alike and C is his own little person. It will be interesting to see if the identical twins look noticeably different from their brother.

Baby A

Baby B

Baby C

Also, there is a rumor going around that I gained 4 pounds from Tuesday to Friday, but I cannot confirm or deny it. ;) YIKES!


  1. Wimberly, Wimberly go away.....
    That's great news about the cervix and contractions!! YOu can do this honey! YOur boys WILL make it!! ((HUGS))

  2. Great news!! Love the pics!

  3. The boys are looking beautiful! It feels like a long road ahead, I'm sure... but imagine how wonderful it will be, holding them in your arms. :)

    Good luck keeping sane... let us know what good (and bad) movies you watch. :)

  4. So glad that your cervix is longer and the contractions have calmed. Yay, yay, yay! Great news! The boys are lovely, adn I hope that you hold them in for a very long time! Long LONG time! :)

    (Oh and in my pre strict bedrest days, I rode in one of those motorized carts around the supermarket. I felt like such a wuss, but it was nice to get out and feel productive. I think I will miss my wheelchair rides around the neighborhood the most. Peter would take me out for a "walk" in the "grownup stroller". It was nice. But, there's always the window to look out of!)

  5. You are SO going to 34+ weeks! I have been reading every single scary update, but always when there's no time to comment. Know that I'm rooting for you every single day. I'm over the moon to hear that your cervix lengthened after the regimen started and the contractions eased. That's amazing news and a great source of encouragement for me. Now I just hope my cervix is paying attention.

    Your boys are gorgeous!

  6. I love seeing that things are going so well!!! It's so nice to see a positive story!! I know the worry well... doing all you can and still being afraid that your body will betray you. But it's amazing what it can do! Enjoy the nifedepine! It really is amazing!! Enjoy your freedom too!! I've been on strict bedrest from the beginning and would give anything to just "get out". :) And your boys are perfect!!

  7. I am so glad that your uterus is responding as it should!!! I LOVE the pictures.

  8. I'm so glad things continue to go well! I wanted to let you know that for me, the hardest part of bed rest was the beginning, for sure. The first week or two (which started in week 8!) were tough, but after that I sort of got used to it - and it sounds like my bed rest was stricter in that I couldn't go out at all and was only allowed one trip up the stairs a day. By week 12, I heard that I may have to be on bed rest the entire time... so while 14 weeks may sound excruciating, it really could be worse, PLUS you will have THREE darling boys at the end of the journey. I know you are not complaining, but I just wanted to remind you that it is so worth it! :) I actually look back at my bed rest time, grateful that I had it to focus on only the babes. Hugs to you!

  9. The boys are so handsome!! Glad your new meds and bed rest are doing the trick!! You can make it to AT LEAST 28 weeks- I believe in you! :)

  10. I am 100% positive that you are going to get to 34 weeks! I'm so glad that your medications and bed rest are whipping that cervix into shape! And I love the pics!

  11. This is such wonderful news! The boys are adorable, and I too am feeling very optimistic about you making it to 30 weeks and beyond. So, so glad that the new regime is doing the trick.

  12. Yay for a longer cervix and less contractions! :)

    I understand the worrying, how could you not, when all you're doing is focusing on them?

    Love the pics!

    You're doing AWESOME! ((HUGS))

  13. I'm glad to hear your cervix is back in shape and that you are taking it easy.

    The boys look so cute! You are doing great!

  14. I am so happy to hear that all is calming down!!! Thrilled that your cervix is returning to the original length!!!! Your boys are too cute!!!

    What is the name of the magic pills??? I may have to request them as I have been threatened with 4 months of bed rest.


  15. Maybe/maybe not gaining 4 pounds within a week is what bed rest does to one. I'm glad the mediciations are working. Tell your beautiful boys and beautiful body to be good!

  16. Love the photos! Glad you and your babies are doing well. The couch isn't such a bad thing. Embrace it now because you'll have a hard time finding the couch in just a couple of months! Busy times await you on the other side! :-D

  17. Hi- First time reader, as I just found your blog. I just found out I am having triplets too! Still in shock...and utter excitement. Do you know many other triplet moms? I would love to talk and find out more/swap stories.

  18. Hi Anonymous reader! I can point you to plenty of triplet blogs that have helped me a lot. This is a wonderful community! Because you don't have a profile, I don't know how to contact you so leave me an email and I will be in touch! Congrats!! :)