Friday, September 18, 2009

"Don't smoke crack."

That title drew you right in, did it not? I saw the wonderful Dr. W today, and his ability to soothe me and also mock me a little is a surprising combination. Picture a British forty-something in a dress shirt and slacks who would definitely rather be wearing shorts (what he usually sports).

After he declared that all was well with me, my cervix and the babies, I told him I was worried about placental abruption. Why am I worried about this relatively rare condition in which the placenta detaches from the wall of the uterus, leading to bleeding, premature labor and possibly fetal death, you ask? Since the risk of major complications and death from prematurity is low as we are past 28 weeks (woo hoo!) and we have a less than 1% chance of developing TTTS at this stage, I need something to worry about! Don't I? C'mon! Worrying is for me what stamp collecting is to others: a comforting pastime.

Me: How common is placental abruption? I am very concerned about it since it is more common in multiples.

Dr. W: We rarely see it. It is usually associated with high blood pressure, and your blood pressure is low.

Me: Hmm. But it is more common with multiples, right?

Dr. W: About 1% of pregnancies have an abruption.

Me: Ohh. And it usually presents with bleeding?

Dr. W: Yes. Most are minor and do not result in fetal death, just an earlier delivery which should not concern us too much as you are nearly in the 30's.

Me: Okay. (Furrows brow.)

Dr. W: You can do something that reduces your risk tremendously, actually.

Me: (Practically jumps off the paper-covered table to grab his arm.) YES! What is it?

Dr. W: Don't smoke any crack cocaine this weekend. That is the biggest cause. Ha, ha!

Me: I was going to have some crack with my popcorn for movie night, but I shall refrain.

Dr. W: (Laughing his English ass off...) Great! See you next week!

I have to say, he is good at making me feel like everything is okay while reminding me not to worry about things not worth worrying about.

28 weeks and 5 days baby stats!

Baby A: 2 lbs, 13 oz
Baby B: 2 lbs, 12 oz
Baby C: 2 lbs, 12 oz

Their weights are all within the normal growth curve for a singleton- about the 40th percentile. The sonographer commented on how long the boys' arms and legs are, indicating they will be fairly tall. I was able to see their cutie pie faces and watched them breathing and swallowing. And kicking each other in the head. Since Baby C is breech, his little feet hover right around Baby A's nose. Occasionally he gives his unsuspecting brother a little poke with his heel just to remind the twins that he is in there too.

My cervix is still over 2 cm! I am very pleased knowing they consider it to be quite stable. Dr. P said she would only hospitalize me if it was hovering closer to 1 cm (which, unfortunately, can happen quickly) and I still might have a couple weeks of cervix left to keep me at home. I am hoping with all my might that I will be among the lucky few who manage to stay out of the hospital until right before their C-section, or even drive to the hospital on the boys' birthday which we hope is Monday, October 26th!


  1. I was also irrationally concerned about placental abruption for a while when I was getting horrible pains in one spot for days. I pursued what the spot might be with many docs, and apparently it was either movement (which it definitely was not, way too sharp a pain) or the uterus stretching.

    Neither placenta is even near that spot it turns out, so in this case I'm glad I didn't bring up abruption.

    Hooray for all of your good news! My cervix has given up being jealous and is resigned to being short, open, and effaced, but stable.

  2. holy cow! three babies all over 10oz. you are carrying the amount of weight I have just lost. WOW. I think you are my new superhero.
    So glad everything is low on the worry scale. I am so excited for you! Wait, for all 4 of you!!

  3. I can't believe the Dr said that. Seriously like you'd go home and smoke crack anyways. That cracks me up! (no pun intended)I was wondering how you were going to relate the title to the end of the post. Congrats on getting this far! I have a question for you...When did you first feel the babies kick? This is my first so I don't know what it will feel like.. (

  4. The crack comment cracks me up! :P Glad everything is going well! Three Cheers for all you guys!

  5. That sounds like a Dr. I'd like to have :O) Seriously! I was one of those lucky women who drove to the hospital (well my husband drove of course) to give birth, never bedrest, NOTHING! It is possible! You're doing awsome, hang in there!

  6. A doc with a sense of humor, I love that! My OB back in St. Louis was a nutter, I kinda miss him.

    Yet again, in awe of your cervix. You are my inspiration as I begin this crazy multiples journey!!

  7. I must say I *love* the title of this post!!! I also love the little exchange between you and Dr. Top of the Mornin' to You. HI-LAR-IOUS! Hooray for long arms, legs and cervixes! (babies' arms and legs, your cervix, just to clarify).

    Since it would appear you have to give up your favorite past-time, Wemberley, why don't you take up karate or rock climbing? Oh wait. ;)

    Thank you for this very extremely entertaining post!

  8. I watched WAY too much Birth Day, and Special Delivery on Discovery and found so many rare things to worry about! Ugh. You are doing great- and yay cervix!

  9. Very happy to hear you'll lay off the crack for the time being! ;)

  10. Sounds like good news! I look forward to hearing more updates!

  11. Your Doc was so convincing that I too have decided to put down my crack pipe this weekend.

    Glad to hear everyone is growing equally and the ole cervix is hanging in there!

  12. Hooray for your tall, strong boys and your cervix of steel. Your exchange with the English doc had me laughing out loud.

    Here's to us making it deep into the thirties. Fingers crossed. Now lay off the crack, will ya? ;)

  13. I like Dr. W...he sounds like my kind of doc.

    Yay for another GREAT appointment. You're doing awesome, Momma!

  14. YAY CERVIX!!! And yay for your doctor lightening your mood! Sounds like a great guy! You are doing awesome!! WOOHOO!

  15. Hi Carrie! I saw your post on Mel's blog too and added you to my list! Congrats on the success after going through so much! I'm so excited for you!

    Popcorn and crack... YUM! Lol!


  16. woo hoo! they are growing so well! I cant wait to see you in the 30s! Almost there!

  17. That is absolutely excellent advice your doctor gave you! I'll have to remember it myself. So glad the boys are continuing to do so well!

  18. Wow, growing like singletons! If that isn't news to be proud AND happy about!