Thursday, September 3, 2009

Under Pressure*

No news to report yet. I have been chastised by my faithful readers for not updating more frequently, so I thought I'd better check in. I am feeling stressed out on the couch, and need some cheer from you all! (See below...)

Tomorrow I go back to see Dr. P and I am seriously considering "forgetting" the appointment. Okay, well not really, but I have been enjoying my week at home and am a little fearful (read: terrified) that my cervix will do that shortening thing it does occasionally and I will be back in the hospital. Of course, if the situation is serious or there is a real need for me to be there, I will go willingly, but if it is just to rest somewhere else, I would rather rest at home.

The next 10 days have some pretty important happenings and I want to be here for them (insert the god's laughter here):

1. Not one, but TWO baby showers this weekend! My amazing neighbors are throwing an impromptu one on Saturday followed by a friends and family shower on Sunday.

2. My three-year-old who still very much seems like a baby to me starts preschool next week. The first time she has EVER been left anywhere like a school or playgroup without me, Daddy or Gramma. I want to be here when she departs for her first day and Dr. P said I can even ride along to pick her up.

3. The 28 week celebration! I want to be in my house, rejoicing with my family that we've crossed possibly the most important milestone in prematurity.

So yeah, there is a bit of a mental buildup to tomorrow afternoon's cervix check, fFN test and growth scan. My doctor is a reasonable, although conservative, woman and I am pretty sure I could eek out a few more days at home even if I was on the "border". Not that I will do anything to endanger any baby boys, just that in triplet pregnancies, hospitalization can be mostly a precaution. I would love to stay home right up until my scheduled C-section at 34.5 weeks, but I will settle for another couple weeks here. Yes, I hear myself bargaining... I am practicing for my conversation with Dr. P tomorrow.

I have about 20-ish hours until I see how the ol' cervix is holding up, and since I don't sleep much, I will be awake for most of them. I'd rather not give myself a stroke before I even arrive, so...

Here is my question for you: when you are stressed, nervous, distracted about something out of your control, how do you deal? Make yourself laugh? Listen to music? Please remember, there will be no mind-clearing walks or jogs around the 'hood; bed rest means the stress relief must be sedentary.

This poster has kept me laughing for about a week. My brother sent it to me during my hospital confinement... and it still makes me laugh until tears stream down my face. Cat lovers, forgive me, but I am pretty sure every cat I've ever met wanted to chew my face off. Here is proof: "Is your cat trying to kill you?" Really, really funny stuff... go read it. :)

What helps you mitigate stress?

*Get it? Because the cervix is measured two ways, neutrally and "under pressure"! I have such a way with words sometimes.


  1. here's to wonderful news tomorow... :)

    to calm myself i have a couple 'methods'... one might be slightly OCD but I count things, bumps on the ceiling, floorboards, pictures, etc. it tends to get my mind to focus on something else. i also have downloaded several meditation podcasts from itunes (they are free if you can) and they help me to relax quite nicely.

    i hope you have a wonderful time at both your showers this weekend! here's to a stable cervix, -fFN and a great groth scan! :) *hugs*

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed and saying prayers that your appointment tomorrow goes incredibly well and that you get to be home for your two showers (and weeks to come!)

    In terms of low impact stress relief for me... and this is in no way surprising... I read. Get me sucked into a good book and I not only forget about my stress, but I also lose track of time.

  3. Hoping for good news tomorrow from Dr P! I am a worrier too so I definately know where you are coming from! People always say (okay, my mom says this!), "why worry about something you cant control!?" Well.. I.dont.know. but I do anyways even though I try not to! I get through worrisome times with lots of prayer, HGTV channel :) and a good book! Hope this helps!

    "Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Matthew 6:34

  4. I will totally be thinking of you tomorrow!! Hoping like crazy you get to be home for your daughter and for your showers!

    When I'm stressed I listen to music, play games on the computer (all different kinds), or watch some mindless tv. Not much of a help for you since I'm sure you've done those things enough for a lifetime so far. Sorry :/

    No clue what kind of music you like but the new album by Im.ogen He.ap is really good (imo, of course) - it's embedded at the bottom of my blog if you are interested.

    Lots of luck to you! Sending you stress-free thoughts! *hug*

  5. (I have a facination with feeding the fish too! haha They appreciate your attention since I neglect them most of the time ;))

  6. Sometimes music (such as playlists that a certain someone sent me), sometimes TV etc., if I'm really hard up a relaxation or visualization exercise -- but if it's gotten to that point, it's probably too much for that to work. Talking to DH also helps because he will not dwell and quickly moves on to other topics.

    Good luck!! My cervix and I will be thinking of you and yours!

  7. My biggest stress reliever is to play the piano or listen to music; especially uplifting music that helps me to not worry. Maybe start looking into a new subject you want to learn more about and immerse yourself in learning about it.

  8. I prefer to go running or biking, or take a yoga class, but while on bed rest...I really enjoyed music and generally distracting myself with silly stuff. Shopping online, blogging about stuff that had nothing to do with pregnancy (fashion, politics, decorating the playroom), old episodes of tv shows like America's Next Top Model or Grey's Anatomy. Drinking (decaf) coffee always helped. While I was home, I took a bath every night and that helped. Snuggling with the kids. And the best one? Planning a vacation!

  9. When I'm stressed I visit Never fails :)

  10. Crossing my fingers for you for tomorrow Carrie! Im sure everything will be great. As for stress relief? I knit. Its amazing that you can do it laying down on the couch. Wish I could come teach you how. Maybe someone you know can? Its relaxing, and you get something accomplished at the same time. It totally takes your mind off things. For a bit anyways. And thanks for the prompt update. Its appreciated. :)

  11. 1) Meditation .mp3's (there are lots on the internet) - meditating normally is too hard when I am scattered, but listening to a guided meditation is often enough to get me to calm down.

    2) Harmless, unupsetting TV like Murder She Wrote that you can enjoy without getting your adrenalin up (or your intellectual level)

    Good luck!

  12. hey this is my first time commenting, but i've been following for awhile and just thought i would break the silence and say good luck for your appointment, also that cat poster was soooo funny i laughed for sooo long!!

  13. Your worries are completely understandable. It doesn't help that you really can't move either and all you CAN do is lay there and think about what is to come. I want to say something cheesy like, this too will pass, but I'll stay away from that today! ;-)

    Ideas for R&R of the mind?
    1. Chic flicks - rent a ton of them! I wish you lived close - I'd bring you a ton. You can watch Bridget Jones diary at least twice!
    2. Magazines (not related to pregnancy) like Real Simple, Cosmo, Vanity, etc.
    3. Get a good book - not pregnancy related! And enjoy your time reading!

    Good luck with everything! Hugs!

  14. I listen to certain music - its called White noise music. It has Hz embedded into it. Starts off at 10 Hz and that is relaxing and goes all teh way to deep sleep. In the day I keep it on 10, 9, 8 and then back to 10. It relaxes me no end.
    Hope that helps.
    good luck!

  15. I've always been a writer so I keep a seperate journal where I can vent and share my innermost thoughts and feelings without judgment. Let's admit it - some of the things we feel just can't be understood by someone else. I've always found that a handwritten one is better - I don't know why?

    Please let us know how your appointment goes. We're all cheering for you!

  16. Glad you have enjoyed your week at home, and I am hoping you get at least one more. Everything crossed for you!

    As for sedentary stress relief... Doing anything BUT talk about about my stress. Anything that distracts me... TV, an engrossing book, talking on the phone about a completely unrelated subject.

    Good luck!

  17. Oh my goodness, that cat poster is HILARIOUS. Love it.

    I read "Bridget Jones Diary" over and over. It makes me laugh - more so than the movie, even. Or I watch Sex & the City episodes.

    Still cheering you on, and so glad to hear the good news so far. Hang in there, boys!

  18. I totally understand wanting to be home. We are now resigned to being here until 36w. If the hospital does it, then that is what we do. I know you feel the same way even though you want to be home. If your cervix starts to shorten, please, please... Dont bargain too much. It's not worth the babies coming prior to 34.5w. (Although I am sure that if it were just a little bit, she'd let you stay for your showers and preschool sendoff/pickup). Just one breath a t time, Carrie! Hopefully your cervix looks either exactly the same or longer!!!

    When I am super stressed, I pray. Or I meditate. I just try to lay still in the dark, say a prayer for the babies and us, and then meditate on happy outcomes.

  19. I hope your appointment went well today! I am sure you'll do what is best for yourself, family, and boys!

    I deal with stress in different ways-it really depends on what I am stressed about. Obviously, the pregnancy and babies are my big stress triggers right now, like you. I try to think about how close we are to everything being okay and how quickly time really has gone so far. I do allow myself a few mintues to worry, but then try to focus on something else-mindless T.V., Sudoku, etc. And if I can't feel the babies moving, I will eat something sugary and put on some music so they will start dancing! Catching up with old friends on Facebook is always good too-although I don't really enjoy talking to people on the phone, but I can respond to messages on Facebook whenever I feel like it!

    Again, thinking good thoughts for you today!

  20. Hey Carrie,
    you don't know me but I am a local photographer. I posted a casting call looking for newborn triplets and one of your mom friends sent me your . I as wondering if you would be intersted in letting your babies model for me - in exchange you would get a free session and free prints. Please let me know if this is something you are interested in. You can view some samples of my work on my website

  21. when I was preggo and had to spend some time taking it easy, I knitted... I actually learned a lot while just staying in bed and relaxing the body, but my mind was active and I liked that :) If I didn't knit, I'd probably try something else that's in the crafty area, try felting or something - keeps the mind busy and that's good when you feel under pressure. :)

  22. I totally have that David Bowie song in my head now. You know the one that dorky white "rapper" stole? Good stuff. UNDER PRESSURE...

    My favorite stress reliever is to read romance novels. I am a regular at KCLS checking out yet another batch. They really are fabulous these days. Have hubby pick up "If you Dare" by Kresley Cole. A good place to start. :)

  23. Hope all is Friday post. If I was stuck in bed I would feel some stress relief by listening to Enya or watching movies. take it easy!

  24. Hi there! Try to stay positive, as positive as you can! When i was pregnant with my triplets i was scared to death at first, but then i realized, why worry, because if nothing bad happens then you wasted time worrying for nothing. Now i know there's always a chance, a bigger chance when carrying trips, but just TRY! Read if you can. I read the twins, trips, quads book (cant remember the exact name) about a million times during my pregnancy, just to make sure i was doing everything i could to keep them in there. Gave me something else to concentrate on i guess. Hope your appointment went well!!

  25. I just throw myself into some activity when I need to take my time off of something. I thought of something useful for you to do to kill time and get an important task out of the way- do you have a list of the companies that have multiples freebie programs? If not, there is a link to one on Multiples and More, the the Multiples Links post. Lots of companies will send you coupons or free stuff when you send a request, after the kids are born. You usually need their birth certificates, but you could get your letters ready, addressed and stamped so that when you get your birth certificates, all you have to do is copy them and put them in the envelopes. You pop them in the mail and a few weeks later you start getting packages in the mail! It's so fun! But really, the letter assembling, addressing and mailing isn't something you feel like doing after the kids are born, so if you could get the bulk of the work done now that will be a bonus for later. Carters, Pampers, Huggies, Evenflo and Sassy and just a few of the companies that will send you baby stuff. Not nearly as much as you need, but it's always fun to get free stuff in the mail! You can even write to the White House greetings office and get a congratulations letter from the president for each baby for their baby books! OK, sorry I just wrote a book:) But maybe doing something like that will take your mind off the stressful stuff and make you feel useful:)

  26. Thinking of you- TLC's Baby Story is about triplets today. This woman goes to almost 36 weeks!