Monday, October 12, 2009

32 Weeks!

Well, actually, 32 weeks and 1 day.

I am so grateful to be here and hope to make it another 13 days, 16 hours and some minutes to our scheduled C-section. 34 weeks has always been our ultimate goal and I want to get there!

Today I had a cervical measurement, and it is still around 1 centimeter, but not changing. Hard to believe a third of an inch is keeping A's head inside my body! The boys' fluid was even and plentiful and we will have our last full growth along with Dopplers on Thursday to ensure the placentas are still doing their jobs. I also had an NST which the boys aced. Baby A was asleep and we need him to be moving to show us his accelerations, so the nurse brought over something called an acoustic stimulator. It looks like a lighter or something but makes a loud buzzing sound to wake up the baby. She put it on my skin and it buzzed loudly- then I felt some swift kicks. Baby A was not happy to be awoken but we saw that his heart rate accelerated and normalized appropriately when he was moving.

Dr. P was all sunshiny again since I am past 32 weeks. We discussed how if I do go into labor, we'll still try to stop it until 34 weeks, and if my membranes rupture, I will be hospitalized but we'll still try to hold off labor. These next two weeks inside of me mean FOUR LESS WEEKS for the babies in the NICU. They are very important, so we'll keep trying to get there.

She also said I do not need to have anymore cervical measurements or fFN's, to which I replied, "No more transvaginal ultrasounds!" She laughed and said, "Not exactly. A's head is so low that a transvaginal is the only way we will be able to measure his head on Thursday for growth." So that should be interesting. I cannot wait to see how big they've grown, however we measure it! It would be a huge deal to have them around or over 4 pounds now.

Not much else to report. I still have low blood pressure and feel pretty good. I know that I will be eating my words in a week or so, but right now, although I am huge and uncomfortable, I want these boys to keep growing inside. I feel so very grateful that this pregnancy is going well for now. I know things can change so quickly, but for today, I am thrilled that we are in a safer place for our sons. I hope, hope, hope we get to bring home three healthy boys sometime soon.

I will say that the discomforts are multiplying (no pun intended). Last night, I counted six bathroom trips, almost on the hour for a while there. I cannot bend over to tie my shoes, and the days of flip flops are gone in Seattle, so I wear my cozy boots everywhere. My back really hurts, right between the shoulder blades, and my pelvis feels like someone is pushing down on it, very hard. (Oh, Wait! Three someones are!) I am sitting on the couch typing and my belly keeps getting in the way of my arms, so the laptop is elevated on pillows. The whole thing is quite a sight!

Here is the 32 week belly. I cannot believe how big it is! Can it really keep expanding? We will see...

And here is one of me and my husband whose waistline is not expanding, much to my dismay. I am happy to report I do not think I will weigh as much as him during this pregnancy.

Oh, and we are buying a minivan. We tried to resist, but as you know, it can be futile. We already have a ginormous SUV but the third row will not accommodate the rear-facing infant seats, and sliding door would be extremely handy with four little ones. That means we'll have to trade in my non-green SUV, which I love, and get a Soccer Mom Mobile. I always made fun of my friends who had them, and this is what I get. :)

I saw an awesome bumper sticker the other day on a van that said, "I may drive a minivan, but at least I still put out." I need one of these, until A starts reading and I have to explain it...


  1. Yaaaaay! You look great! Your description of the physical issues and discomforts totally brings it back for me -- everything you describe. It is SO amazing to get your full bladder back, let me tell you!

    We caved and went for a minvan, too. When the girls were 2 weeks old, ha ha! Better to get it now than then! Automatic sliding doors have been an incredibly useful feature for us. I can't believe I am talking about the merits of minivans, but there you go...

  2. I cannot believe you don't have a SINGLE stretch mark. Seriously. Go and kiss your mother for those good genes!!!

    I am so happy for you that you are SO CLOSE to your goal. Remember what I said about my calendar ping. No one is arriving, nothing is happening until we hear that ping!!! :)

    Boy, I'm bossy tonight. To make up for that, I am sending you many hugs and smooches from down I-5.

  3. Looking good Carrie. I bet its an awesome feeling to make it to 32 weeks. Your boys are going to do so well. Ur belly, OMG...and i thought I was already big...i will be there in about 9 weeks!!(keeping my fingers crossed).

    Keep up the good work!

    Lacy from Fl

  4. 34 WEEKS! 34 WEEKS! :)

    I don't like minivans either but it is an awesome trade-off if you ask me!! So worth it.

    Love the belly pics - you look wonderful!

  5. You look AMAZING! You can tell the boys are taking in all the nurishment that they can.. you are 100% all belly (just like me) and it's sooooo not normally like that for multiples. Usually all the weight spreads everywhere and you just look huge and swollen all over. Not you, though, you look amazing.

  6. I love the one of you and your husband belly to belly! Super cute!! I'm sure you don't feel it, but you look great!!

    Keep up the good work keeping those babies in!! 34 weeks is so close!!

  7. You look great! Hope things continue to go mostly smoothly for you and cheering you on to make it to the magical 34!

  8. you're doing awesome! and damn, you look good.

    i have an online store where i've designed triplet-related things. i think that bumper sticker might need to be added. ha ha ha!

  9. I can't describe how happy I am for you guys! You have done a great job so far and I am sure you are going to pull through another 2 weeks! All the good vibes your way. I love your belly shot... you look huge (but in a cute way)! :)

  10. You look great! I'm so happy for you guys!

  11. LMOA - that comparison photo is hilarious. Good luck my dear. So very happy you have made it 32 weeks.

  12. So glad things are going so well! Yay! Here's hoping to make it to 34 weeks. You are so close!

  13. You look amazing!! I love how little you are but how big your belly is:) I don't know how the rest of your little body is supporting your belly!! I'm so happy that you made it this far honey!! I knew you and the boys could do it!!!
    The minivan made me laugh...I always said I would never have one either. LOVE LOVE LOVE the bumper sticker;) Have a great week. ((HUGS))

  14. 32 weeks, Yay! :)

    You and your cervix are doing GREAT!

    Love the pics, especially the one with your husband's belly, too!

    M. and I keep joking about maybe needing a minivan after this cycle...if you're getting one, it'll be okay for me to cave, too. ;)

  15. What a beautiful belly!! I drove a minivan for six years and moved on to an SUV. If we get pregnant, it might be back to a minivan!

  16. Wow mama! You look amazing! Love that color on you too! Beautiful!

    Glad to hear that you are approaching your goal with flying colors! That's such great news!

    Here's hoping the next 2 weeks aren't too painful! :)

  17. I can't believe it's less than two weeks until your c-section!! You will make it!

    I love the belly shots. You are big. . . in a full of babies cute kind of way. :)

    I can't believe you're getting a minivan. The bumper sticker sounds like a must. :) You don't want to be associated with those "other" moms.

  18. Also marveling at the no stretch marks -- amazing!!

    But more importantly, congrats on 32 weeks!

  19. You seriously look amazing! I can't believe you are getting dressed daily! I think I will be living in sweats and mumus and I only have one cooking!

  20. Hi Carrie,

    I just wanted to say thank you for the great blog. My wife and I found out that we are having triplets about 6 weeks ago after 8 years of waiting. We were both very nervous when we heard the news and although the nerves are still there, your blog has been a great help. It seems that we are following the exact same symptoms and thoughts that you have had, just delayed by 19 weeks.

    You have and continue to be a great help, I was wondering if you had thought about taking your blog and expanding it into a book or published diary? There seems to be very little out there for parents of Triplets except for general pregnancy books that have a token paragraph about the complications of Triplets. I have learnt way more from your blog and would deffinetly recommend it to anyone else who is going through a similar situation.

    Anyway, just wanted to thank you for a great blog. Good luck with the next couple of weeks, we will continue to be looking for regular updates, roll on week 34!!!

  21. Congrats on another great milestone!!!

  22. So super exciting to have gotten to this point. I take deep breaths when I come to read your blog. I just know things will be fantastic for the boys Birthday.
    Good luck Carrie, I guess I'll know if there's no more posts in 2 weeks you have delivered and recovering :)

  23. That buzzer thingy tickles like I've never been tickled before.

    32 weeks! I am so proud of you.

  24. You look great!!! 2 more weeks! You can do it!

    (And we are in the process of looking at Volvo SUVs... Since we are thinking we may need more room than my Vovlo wagon can hold...)

  25. Carrie, you look amazing! So glad all is going well. The belly looks perfect. I think Im catching up with you though, Im almost as big. I still dont see your butt growing like mine is. Hm. Not fair.

    Keep cooking them boys mama! Your doing an awesome job!

    Any names yet? :)

  26. YAY!!!!!!!! Great job mama! Keep it up, you're almost there!!!

  27. Carrie, I remember when your mom told us G.G's that you'd received 2 embryos...we were so happy for you! I'm so thrilled that you're so close to the delivery date....your cute belly looks wonderful. How amazing that you have 3 sweet little boys in there. May the Lord carry you through the final days and keep the boys healthy.
    Hug your mom for me....Vicki M.