Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Uncomfortable Place

Apologies for my brief absence. I am still pregnant with three busy boys, and have reached the Uncomfortable Place. My back, hips, legs are truly feeling the effects of the extra weight and the curvature of my spine while this body tries to support 11-ish pounds of baby. I am extremely grateful to be carrying these boys around, so I will gladly reside in the Uncomfortable Place for another 15 days. That is right, just 15 days (unless the boys conspire to exit the cozy womb earlier)!

I was fairly convinced that Dr. P would be admitting me to the hospital for the duration on Thursday, after Monday showed a shorter cervix and positive fFN. That cervix never fails to astound me. It grew again. Just a touch, but there is no further shortening or funneling. The babies did amazingly well on an NST (my first one ever) and had appropriate accelerations and no decelerations (in their heart rates) which is a good indicator of placental function and their handling of stress. They also rocked their BPP's! Baby B was sleeping and did not want to show off his breathing during the scan so I had to roll onto my right side to smoosh him to wake him up. After that he was annoyed enough to start breathing for us.

Dr. P said she thinks maybe the positive fFN was a result of my increased activity, and does not think I will go into labor until my C-section on the 26th of October! Which I would like to point out again is a mere 15 days or just less than 400 hours away. She said to stop worrying about being admitted: if I was in unstoppable labor now, she thinks our babies would still be quite healthy!

On Monday I will have another NST and a quick ultrasound, followed by a full-growth on Thursday to see how big our boys have grown. Then the following week, I have another NST on Monday and Dopplers on Friday. Then it is just the weekend, and the boys' birthday! Again, if they change their mind and want to come earlier, being past 32 weeks (which I am tomorrow) is a good place for triplets to be. I had a repeat dose of steroids for their lungs, one administered by my mom. Add another talent to Grammma's list of gifts: excellent intramuscular injection giver! I am not as worried as I once was about complications related to prematurity after seeing how well 32+ weekers usually do, so if they come sooner, it won't be as scary as it would've been a couple weeks ago.

I would, however, love to be sedated or heavily drugged until their arrival date. The worry I feel is also part of the Uncomfortable Place. Wemberly has been working overtime about all the "what if's" that could happen in the next 15 days. What if I make it this far with healthy boys and still, I do not get to keep them? What if I have to go through fertility treatments and a scary pregnancy again? I know this seems irrational to most of you, but after wanting something SO much for SO long, the end is quite terrifying.

I am already a parent and know I will continue to worry once they are born, but this is a different feeling entirely. I need to know they are here, they are alive and healthy before I can truly relax. I love to feel their movements and kicks and hiccups for now, but holding them, studying their noses and staring into their eyes is what we've been waiting for. To this Infertile, seeing is truly believing.


  1. Home stretch chick! Very exciting - keeping a close eye on your reports but I don't expect any pictures of baby feet for another 15 days :) big hugs from us

  2. Simply amazing! 34 weeks is so completely in your future now! Weeee :) I'm extremely happy everything is great with your boys.

    I'm sorry you are feeling uncomfortable and worried though :/ I have no advice obviously but I'm sending you lots of happy, calm, positive thoughts!!

    Just curious, what does your older child think of the whole "having three little brothers" situation?

  3. How I exciting...I am praying that all goes PERFECT

  4. I told you your C date is on my calendar, right? Pretty sure I did. Which now means that the boys WILL NOT arrive until my phone pings and says "Carrie's C-section!" Really, that's just the way it works. :)

    I'm sorry you're in the uncomfortable place. I remember that with Piglet and he was just ONE (8lb8oz) baby. Keep your eye on the prize! Wear Uggs on your swollen feet! Drink more chocolate milk.


  5. hope you find some physical comfort and emotional peace over the next 400 hours.
    Thinking of you, admiring you, and waiting in anticipation of three little boy's birthday.

  6. I am so happy for you!!!

    I am amazed it is only 400 hours- that seems shorted than 15 days for some reason...The next 400 hours will fly by!!! Had to believe that is all the time left the boys have in your womb- I truly believe they will snuggle in for that long, please try to relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

    I really appreciate your honest comments about worrying as I am the exact same way!!!


  7. Oh you'll make it! Isn't it amazing how quickly time has flown? I'm sure it doesn't seem like it, at times, for you. I'm with ya, there. Pretty soon we'll both have new little ones in our arms and in our homes. YAY!

  8. AHHH WEMBERLY! GO AWAY!! You are so close! 15 Days is like NOTHING! :) You are gonna make it! Try not to worry about the what ifs of the situation. Your boys have made it much farther than most and are at a great place! I cant wait!! AHHHH!! :) HAPPY 32 WEEKS!

  9. I can't believe how close you are! It's just amazing. I can only imagine how incredibly uncomfortable you must be...but wow, it's just a matter of DAYS now. I'm so thrilled for you and can't wait to hear about the day you meet your boys.

  10. no, no, negative thoughts!. Wemberly get the heck out!!!. Just positive, good thoughts!!! You are almost there!!!!!. Just keep trying to picture their chubby little smiling faces!

    I know you're uncomfortable...boy, if I am I can't imagine how you are! even though we're carrying about the same amount of baby weight, I think having three is a whole different story than having two! you should feel VERY proud of yourself.

    I probably will be in the midst of a crazy first week by the time your boys come, but just know I'll think of you on the 26th!!!!. Mine is scheduled for the 22nd. We can do this!!!

  11. The discomforts, worries, and the toll a triplet pregnancy takes is tough, but look at you. You're doing it! Your boys are almost here. You've come a crazy long way since you found out there was a 3rd little peanut growing.

    To be carrying 11ish pounds of baby boys with your tiny frame - how amazing. Counting days and hours - priceless.

    Oh, and I'm totally with you on wanting to be sedated!! Let me know where I can sign up. LOL.

    By the way: your mom deserves an award. :)

  12. Sending prayers and good thoughts your way as you live in your uncomfortable place. I am so impressed with how you have handled this pregnancy all the way through... I'm sure I would have been a quivering mess. It's crazy that you are down to a matter of days now. Hang in there... ((hugs))

  13. You have done so amazingly well:) I know all about those worries, too, but soon they will be a thing of the past (those particular worries, anyway,haha). Oh, the uncomfortable place. Man those last few weeks were physically hard. I slept LESS in those last few weeks than I did after the kids were born, I just couldn't get comfortable. But seriously, after you have the boys and recover from the c-section, it's a memory you will only revisit when come across a new triplet-mom-to-be's blog:)

  14. Wow!!!! Great great news. Sorry about being in the uncomfortable place - I remember the physical stuff well and I had only two inside! I hope the time flies for you and the worries subside. Can't wait for you to meet your boys!

  15. As you know I am not a Wemberly, and still I was full of thoughts of mine not making it through to be Real Live Babies. Those only resolved when I heard A's cries at birth.

    I'm afraid that we know too much to truly trust in the process.

    But I know in my heart that your boys will be fine.

  16. It is great to hear they are doing so well and so close to their (anticipated) due date! I understand the worrying but you are in the home stretch now. Good luck with keeping your sanity, and lots of good luck to your healthy boys!

  17. Happy 32 weeks today, Carrie! So proud of you and those boys. :)

  18. Hi
    I am also pregnant with triplet boys, I am 31 weeks tommorrow. My doctor has me booked in for a c section at 37 weeks. I don't know how I am supposed to get there, I am sobig and uncomfortable already. I am also on blood pressure tablets which leave me drained. I also have a little boy who is turning three in five weeks.

    If you would like to e-mail me, my address is

    it would be great to get some advice from another triplet mother going through the same things.

  19. Want me to kick Wemberley's @ss for you? We can take that mouse out back and just do a WWE style smack down! ;)

    You are doing GREAT, Carrie! Just GREAT! 2 weeks until their birthday. I just know you will make it. I am so proud of you!!!

  20. So glad to hear your are still preggo!!!! I wish you could be sedated for this truly uncomfortable last stretch as well...poor thing! This is such a miracle to have made it so far!!!!! I'm so proud of you!!!!

  21. OK, the fact that you're just reaching your Uncomfortable Place (which sounds like it should be an episode of Winnie the Pooh, by the way) at 32 weeks with triplets is pretty amazing. I hit mine this weekend at only 30 with a singleton. You are a trouper!!!

    I'm hoping that Wemberly can take a little nap for the next 400 hours (!!!) or so, so that you can enjoy the bit of peace and quiet you have remaining.

    Oh, and congrats on the cervix!