Saturday, November 19, 2011

(Barely) Controlled Chaos

HI! I am going to pretend like I haven't been away for far too long and just say this: HOLY HELL. Triplet toddlers are trouble.

I cannot believe the things they think of! They moved their table over to the oven after I had to hide their chairs- quite resourceful!

They like to jump off of things. They even like to build things just to climb onto something taller to jump off.

There are moments of cooperation, but these are few compared with the battling over toys...

There is a major interest in being inside of toys. They always exclaim they are going to "Costco for popsicles!"

And my little guys are TWO! They are an all-at-once roving horde of destruction, full of snuggling (still nursing) gang of boys with whom I am totally in love! Each day is different, but always a challenge for me. Mommy is growing gray hair.

This was our thank-you card photo after their birthday- lollipops got them to at least look our way.

I won't promise more posts, since I am notoriously bad at following through, but I will try! Interesting identical twin connection versus our fraternal guy... also, pondering preschool for next year. SO much to think about!

Happy, happy season of gratitude and Thanksgiving to everyone. I am so very grateful for the amazing communities of mommies around the world, outside my door, and online too.


  1. so great to see your update! i can only imagine the chaos of raising triplet boys - they are looking so happy and healthy!! sounds like things are going well, which is great!


  2. Wowee! I've only just started our triplet journey with 6 wk triplets. I have a just tuned 2 singleton tho. I keep looking a him and have shivers down my spine as i contemplate tripling this stage!

  3. They're two??? How is that possible? Weren't they just born last week??? ;)

    So glad to hear from you! They look like they're a handful and a joy...

  4. I am so glad you posted! I think about you and wonder how things are going. Our twins are 19 months now, and it sounds very similar to what you are experiencing... except we only (ONLY! ha!) have two of them. Where my oldest son (who is 3.5 now) was careful and respected boundaries without testing them, these twins are in a determined race to see who can end up in the ER first. Meanwhile completely trashing the house and finding things to get into that we never thought they could reach. I can only imagine with three! YIKES.

    (And way to go nursing them still, I am super impressed! After going one year with the twins, I was ready to hang up the udders.)

  5. Wonderful to hear from you and to see your guys! I only have one maniac out of two; you make my life seem boring.

  6. Good to hear from you! Glad to hear things are going well, and your boys are DARLING.

  7. Oh so super cute! I can't wait for more updates. :) Like... how's A handling them? And what's a typical day like with 3(!!!!) boys? 1 boy is crazy enough...

  8. Great to hear from you and so glad to hear (and see) that the boys are doing well.

    Don't wait so long for an update next time! Geez, are you busy or something?! :)

  9. So happy to see a post - though I totally understand what's keeping you busy!

    Your children are SO adorable! I mean, really! Wow. Also? My daughter turns two next month, and I'm glad to see another extended nurser around here - I thought I was the only one. She's allergic to milk, which is the main reason, but frankly, she loves it, I love it, and it's still - especially facing soy milk as an alternative - the best thing for her. You're so inspirational!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Hey Carrie,

    I followed you during your pregnancy... so thrilled to see the boys healthy, happy and full of energy!!! Please try to post when you have just a second...

  11. Our little miracle IVF boy is 20 months now; I cannot imagine three of him!!! You must be super-woman :). The pics are adorable, thanks for sharing.

  12. Just update once a year for me, k? lol I'm so happy for you. You're kind of my hero. Nursing 3 toddler boys! Are they little acrobats?? My daughter was. She just weaned at 3yrs2months.

  13. I've been away even longer than you, but it made my heart so happy to see your family photos! Your boys are handsome, handsome, handsome! Your daughter is gorgeous - what a beautiful family! Still nursing at 18mo? You rock my world, mama!!!

  14. Hi Carrie, I came across your blog on Google and have just loved reading it..I can relate to your infertile journey. You give me hope. You have such a beautiful are truly blessed! My sister actually had spontaneous identical triplet boys who are the my sister and all M.O.M.(Moms of Multiples) are to be commended! I can only imagine how much work raising three at once can be. I have been married for almost 10 years now and My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for about 8 years now. I too have lost my tubes (both due to ectopic pregnancies) and was left with IVF as our only option to conceive. It has been a long road to today for us..I have gone through an IVF cycle which resulted in 5 good quality embryos. I had a fresh embryo transfer of two embies that didnt result in a I am 1 day post my Frozen Embryo Transfer and am nervous hoping that these two stick around for the long haul this time around :) Great blog! I love your pics! Thanks for sharing! :)

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