Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another visit from Wanda

Tomorrow I get the pleasure of a vaginal ultrasound (which my friend calls "Wanda"). Because really, it wouldn't be a real week unless at least one person looked at my ovaries with a condom-covered camera, right?

It is a check to see if the dreaded cyst has continued to shrink and if my Estradiol (E2) is down again. My last cycle was postponed because of the monster cyst driving my E2 up, then finally canceled when the cyst GREW. Not only did it grow, but my E2 was over 600 and they wanted it below 50. Slight problem. At last check, after being off of Lupron for 10 days, it was down to 58. WOOT!

A person's E2 should go down on birth control and then Lupron, but apparently, my body is not a fan of Lupron. After the cancellation, I insisted that we switch me to an Antagonist protocol. I had read (I have a degree in Googling) that some people don't ever have a cyst until they start on Loopy Lupron. That is me! I read on the Wayward Stork that Lisa had had similar problems and had success with a new protocol, so I did some research and was changed over.

So if all is well tomorrow and then a week later at the suppression check (read: payment due) then I should be able to start stims, Follistim and Menopur on the 6th of March. I am nervous that tomorrow they will find a new cyst, or maybe the old one will have divided and multiplied! Since I have already been canceled once and delayed in order to have my tubal surgery, I am hoping that we will finally get our chance.

Jen at Maybe if You Just Relax likes to put her thoughts to lyrics, and lately, I have been too. Here is my song for the day:

Cyst, cyst go away.
Come again some other day (but not for a few years.)


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I hope you get the all clear and you can start your stims on schedule. You deserve that chance.
    It sounds like you have been on BCP for several weeks. Being on those reduces your chances of having a cyst.

    Good luck!

  2. I am interested in a tally of total visits you have had from Wanda. You should probably start bringing you own K-Y along! I love that you are finding a creative outlet for this long journey you guys are on! I bet it will help some other IVFers find a smile somewhere from deep inside when they maybe feel there are no smiles left inside.