Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oh, My Aching Head

I have had a headache for at least 48 hours, and it will NOT go away. No amount of ice compresses or rest, eating or drinking, or the ridiculous excuse for a pain reliever, Tylenol are doing a thing. While it is quite annoying to have this nagging feeling that someone is beating me in the head with a bat, I am so glad to have pregnancy symptoms. Before this, all I had was an insatiable appetite and the need for lots of sleep, but now, we are in full hormonal hell here. And I am loving it! My only healthy pregnancy, our A four years ago, brought on headaches like this one, so I am taking some comfort in the fact that I am having real side effects, and that is a good sign.

I have never thrown up while pregnant, although I feel very nauseated and sensitive to smells. Sometimes I wish I could throw up to feel better, but then I recall my friend who threw up about 10 times a day and lost weight for a while, and I am glad I am not actually throwing up. I think that might make it hard to hide the whole pregnancy thing, too. I can picture myself at toddler group, talking to another mom, when I suddenly vomit in a garbage can. It might give me away, no?

The big ultrasound is on Monday, the day after Easter. I will be 6w2d. We saw a heartbeat in our last pregnancy at this point. I. Am. So. Nervous. I have been given bad news twice during an OB ultrasound- once when our daughter's heart had stopped, and once when we found out about the blighted ovum. My hubby is coming with me, thank goodness, but I know as it draws nearer, I will be more anxious. What am I worried about? Let me break it down for you:

1. That their hearts will not be beating.
2. Vanishing Twin Syndrome. Happens in about 20% of all twin pregnancies, so a REAL possibility.
3. Something else I can't predict ... the possibilities are endless, and every time I read a horror story, or scary twin pregnancy thing, I find another thing to freak the F out about.

I am sure this list will grow at each stage, but that is me. I worry. I prepare for the worst and try to hope for the best. I am desperate for them to stay and be healthy. I want to hold them in 8 months, smell their skin, stare at their perfect faces for hours.

And here we are, back to the endless waiting that infertility brings. Monday cannot come soon enough.

On the name front: thank you for your ideas! I am leaning toward Gossie and Gertie or Snoopy and Charlie Brown right now. :)


  1. Oof, I had those headaches when I was pregant with the boys. Migraines that would send me off to bed to bury my head under a pillow. I'm sorry, but glad that you're having some symptoms! And I'm so hopeful that everything will turn out fine at Monday's ultrasound--can't wait to hear. xxoo

  2. I am totally rooting for you so hard right now. I bet your symptoms are even more pronounced b/c you're carrying 2 at this point. As for the nausea, is there a perfume or oil that you like to smell? I've read that keeping a lil bottle or rollon on hand helps to just dab a lil on your wrists/neck to distract you from whatever smell sets off your nausea. I'll be thinking about you this weekend for sure!

  3. Yay another non vomiting pregnant lady! I hear you on how you wish you could just throw up and end the constant queasies.

    I too am rooting for you and hoping the U/S on Monday eases your current fears!

  4. Sending calming vibes your way for your U/S on Monday -- which has got to seem a lifetime away!

  5. I am thinking of you and hoping things go smashingly well!

  6. THinking of you honey! I hope your head feels better soon!! Can't wait to see the new ultrasound pics:) It's going to be FINE!!! ((HUGS))

  7. Damn Wemberly! Why does she keep showing up uninvited?

    Your post today reminds me of the list of worries I had before today's u/s. I literally ranked them in my head like you did in your blog. I am totally with you on preparing for the worst and being happy with anything other than that.

    I am excited for your u/s. I can't wait to hear the good news!

    BTW: Thanks for the award! My first ever!

  8. Oh, fun, no fun at all!

    I hope it gives you a break soon.

    Thinking about you, always. Come on Monday!

  9. sending good thoughts your way.