Sunday, June 7, 2009

14 Week Belly and Nerves

Today, after an exhausting morning (actually, all we did was go to a coffee shop and a three-year old's party, but that wears me out) I came home and laid on the couch. My wonderful husband and daughter brought me a sandwich and I took a nice, long nap!

When I woke up and headed for the bathroom, I discovered some brown spotting. Which is the most terrifying thing that can happen to me. It was a relatively small amount, but more than I had at 9 weeks. I (very calmly) paged the doctor on call and she got back to me in a few minutes. She asked about the color (brown is better than red) and if I had cramps or contractions (no). Because the spotting was the only "symptom" and I am going to see my Dr. P tomorrow anyway, she said to just try to relax, and that she wasn't worried. I asked if it could be my cervix changing, and she said VERY unlikely since that is usually bright red blood and accompanied by other "feelings" around the cervix or uterus. Since my cervix will get measured tomorrow, she felt fine about it.

I am nervous too, but you know what you saved my sanity today? You guessed it: my Doppler! If I was a cartoonist, I would draw my Doppler in a cape that saved the day. Maybe my talented friend Brenna will do it for me? ;) It truly makes my heart slow down and allow me to feel calm when I hear their beating hearts, and know that for this moment they are all right. I have a list of questions as usual for my MFM tomorrow:

1. Are the random contractions normal? I felt them much later in my first pregnancy.

2. When will I go to weekly ultrasounds to measure my cervix and check for signs of TTTS?

3. When do you anticipate I will be on partial/full/hospital bed rest? What is the average for this kind of pregnancy?

4. What is up with the spotting?

Here is the 14 week belly, in all its glory. I compared it to my pictures with my daughter, and I look about 6 months with her! I know it was my first pregnancy, but the rate at which my uterus is growing is CRAZY. It is so fun to be changing so quickly, but there are some growing pains in my back, pelvis and hips.

I will report tomorrow after my ultrasound. Thanks for all the good wishes and please keep thinking good thoughts for our check up tomorrow!


  1. Will definitely be sending good thoughts your way!

  2. Really hope all is well with yor U/S. Amazing the size of the belly, love it!

  3. Lots and lots of good thoughts & vibes coming your way! It's hard not to worry about everything little thing when you've experienced losses, I completely understand. I had a bit of brown spotting over the weekend and was likewise a bit freaked--even though I know brown blood isn't typically a big deal. It's just nerve-wracking, the entire process of being pregnant after loss! Much less being pregnant with THREE little ones. I hope today's appointment gives you much peace of mind.

    (Given that I've never owned my own doppler, I have no idea what a personal doppler in a cape would look like! Maybe I'll give it a Google search and see what I can do... ;)

  4. Damn the spotting. I am so sorry. I know how much it sucks for me and I imagine your anxiety is 3x what mine is ;) Hope you have a great appt today!!
    Love the new belly pic. Give it a rub for me!

  5. I hate that you had this happen but I pray you have good news from you u.s.!!!!

    Great belly picture too! So stinkin' cute!

  6. Thank goodness for the doppler!!! You're looking good!!

  7. So sorry about the spotting -- even if it's normal, it's still a heartstopping moment when you see something on the TP. Thank goodness for the Doppler!

    I hope you get reassuring news today, and some answers to your questions. Lots of good thoughts and prayers headed northward!

  8. Yeah for dopplers huh? :) Cant wait to hear the good news after your appt today!!!

  9. Looking good, Momma! :)

    Spotting of any kind, makes my heart stop. Thank goodness for the doppler.

    I hope you got some answers today, and got a chance to see the little ones!

    Thank you for your kind comments and blogoversary wishes! :)

  10. I found your blog recently and have been following along with you.
    I hope your ultrasound showed no reasons to worry and brought you lots of peace! I know how scary spotting with triplets can be, but it sounds like you have good docs and are safe from bigger worries. (I bled - way more than spotting - well into the second trimester, and the babies were never hurt by any of it.)
    Your belly pic is so adorable! It's so fun to see it grow so fast. :)
    Stay healthy and enjoy every moment of pregnancy you can! I'm keeping you in my prayers...

  11. Hi,
    I'm not sure how I ended up on your blog, but I found myself here reading many of your posts. Your post to Heidi Klum made me laugh.

    I joined the blogging world in April after losing my daughter, Ella at 23 weeks gestation. I am so grateful for the support I've found online. I'm in love with the internet right now.

    I love reading about your pregnancy. It is very exciting. Hang in there!