Tuesday, June 23, 2009

16 Week Appointment

We had our 16 week appointment yesterday which was almost three hours! The scan alone was about 90 minutes. I had an early anatomy scan to check brains, hearts, limbs and organs, as well as a growth estimate. Everyone has two arms, two legs and all the organs in place! They also checked my cervix, which is long and strong, despite my more frequent contractions.

Here are the highlights (list form will have to suffice today):

- The boys are growing right on schedule. Everyone is around 6 ounces, so there is more than a pound of baby in there already! It is so obvious how quickly they are growing. I truly think I added two inches to my expanding waist in the last 36 hours.

- I have gained 17 pounds. WOO HOO!!!! They'd like me to gain 25 by 20 weeks so I have eight to gain in four weeks. They made sure to tell me my protein intake is not good enough. Protein has amino acids, the building blocks of tissue and muscle, and those babies need more. Protein shakes it is. I am actually amazed at how much I've gained already. With my daughter, I gained 18 the whole time, so this is wonderful. Dr. P says more weight gain for multiples = bigger babies.

- I am continuing to have Braxton-Hicks (practice) contractions. Before, they were a few a day, now I have about one an hour, sometimes more. Dr. P said that that does not worry her too much, but that since it is likely they will increase each week, I will be on modified bed rest at 20 weeks. IN FOUR WEEKS. Modified means to "be a couch potato" but do no lifting, extensive walking or standing for periods. This is causing a mad dash to find enough child care as well as housekeeping. I am glad I have some notice, though. Of course, I will do absolutely whatever they tell me to do to avoid preterm labor.

- We had planned to fly to Dallas to visit relatives, but the doctor decided she is revoking her blessing of it. She said since it is a long-ish flight, and I would be almost 20 weeks when we go, it is better to stay here for the summer. I am so sad to miss our relatives and for A to see her cousins, but I am going to be a good patient. Dr. P is traveling out of the country for three weeks in July (how dare she?) so I will be seeing her partners, none of whom I have met. I've spoken with two on the phone (I like to call at night...) and they were exceptionally kind and responsive. I am sure I will be in good hands, but I. don't. like. change.

- I signed my husband and I up for classes that our hospital offers: "Multiple Pregnancy" as well as "Life with Multiples" about how to adjust to caring for multiples, nursing them and transitioning from the hospital. There is also a NICU tour which I am sure will terrify me and comfort me at the same time.

- I did not great pictures this week, but I did get three "male anatomy" pictures since I kept asking if they are SURE about three boys. The proof is in the ultrasound, I suppose!

- Many nightmares abound. I dream of babies born far too soon, too small for the world... and wake up sobbing. My subconscious reminds me of what I fear the most at night. I am hoping our great medical care and monitoring will be able to spot any trouble a mile away, and those babies will grow for another 20 weeks!


  1. SO happy to hear about another great appt for you & the babes. You are doing a fantastic job growing them big & strong! I am glad you are staying close to home and close to the docs - but sorry you are missing out on family time. Can they come to you instead?
    Sorry about the nightmares...

  2. Great news!! I'm so happy the babies are growing well;) I know that the bedrest won't be too fun but it will be well worth it to see those little guys healthy and strong!! ((HUGS))

  3. Yours is my absolute favorite blog to read. Thanks for updating :) I hope everything continues to go well :)

  4. Hooray for growing! Boo for bedrest in 4 weeks -- but how weird to know in advance. Hopefully that gives you enough time to plan. It seems like usually people are caught off guard by bedrest.

    Let me know what you think of the multiples classes after you take them. My hospital doesn't have any, so I'm supposed to take the regular classes but I can add multiples classes about an hour away if I think I need it.

    Just don't overdo it getting ready for bedrest!

  5. I'm so glad that you had a great appointment! It's a bit lame that you can't visit your family this summer, but it will be so worth it in the end.

  6. Maybe having something by the bed that can reassure you when you wake up? An u/s picture or a sentence written down that you can read....?
    Congrats on your session - great news on all!

  7. You're doing so well! I'm so happy to read about each good appointment--and to hear that the boys are growing strong and that all of your parts are cooperating nicely. :)

  8. Four weeks!!! OMG.

    So glad that you had another great appoitnment, and that the contrax are nothing to worry about. Consciously, at least!

  9. What a long appointment!

    Yay for the boys growing well and gaining weight. Good job, Momma.

    You are never far from my mind...I wish you some peace from the difficult thoughts.