Sunday, June 14, 2009

15 Week Belly and Vampires

Thanks to everyone who was so encouraging about my last post. I got so many calls and emails from friends and family wanting to help, and the comments were very appreciated. One of my friends reminded me that just because I experienced infertility and losses does not mean I cannot complain when I am feeling tired or in pain, because pregnancy is wonderful and AMAZING but sometimes tough.

Here is the large-and-in-charge belly picture for 15 weeks! I cannot believe we are already here! Now we need the babies to stay inside for another 20 or so, and they will be great. The strangest thing happened with my pregnancy with A, and is already happening now. From right under my bra line to my mid-abdomen, I am completely numb. It sometimes tingles like a foot that is asleep, but mostly I cannot feel anything! Apparently it is the uterus pushing on nerves, but feels so strange. Amazing how much earlier everything is happening. Last night I dreamed that I had sextuplets, and they just missed three of them this whole time. I must be feeling big for a crazy dream like that!

I have literally been counting the days (and today, the hours) until the BEST show on television, aside from "Mad Men" comes back on. Tonight, my friends, is the premiere of "True Blood," a sexy, bloody, funny and intelligent show about a culture where vampires are "out of the closet" and living among us humans. If you haven't seen it and get HBO, I highly recommend it. You can download the first season on iTunes, too.

Doctor's appointment tomorrow... will report!


  1. You are looking fabulous! And your friend's reminder was absolutely correct...pregnancy is a strain on the body, and you have triple the usual stress. Asking for help is not wimping out... it's being a responsible parent!

    (ok, pep talk over) :)

  2. Girl! Complain away!!! You have three babies stretching your Uterus and a toddler to chase around!! :) You are definately entitled to as much help as you can get and as much complaining as you want! haha Your baby bump is precious! Cant wait to hear about your appointment!

  3. I don't think it's bad for you to have THREE babies in there!!! You look great!! I don't think you look big at all;) Can't wait to hear about the Dr's appointment. (HUGS)

  4. I'm just catching up, it's been a crazy week.

    I can only imagine how tired you are, and how hard to change your ways...go ahead and complain, it has to be overwhelming. I'd probably be crying everyday honestly. Big HUGE ((HUGS)) for you...

    The 15 week belly looks great! :)

  5. You are always FABULOUS at doing everything yourself (and doing it very well). Thanks for graciously accepting our help when we don't do things the same way you would - oh, like folding the laundry all crazy, or unloading the dishwasher and putting the measuring cups in the wrong drawer. Later this summer you can run a list of the not-so-helpuful but well intentioned help you've recieved. We LOVE you :) Mom (aka Gram)

  6. Ah yes, we too counted down to the True Blood season 2 premier last night! What'd you think??? (SPOILERS FOLLOW: Were you as excited as I was to see Lafayette again?! I LOVED his character last season, I was so hoping he'd be back in some way...)

    Your belly is lovely and you're doing wonderfully well, mama! :)

  7. You look incredible! Sorry I missed your last post - I was on vacay. I am sorry you were having a tough day, you sound much better today. Sending you lots of hugs, you are AMAZING!

  8. Looking great!

    How nice it is for all your friends and family to want to help!

    You are doing great.