Sunday, June 28, 2009

17 weeks and a Growth Spurt

Those babies, they are a-growing! My talented husband made this to show the triplets' progress over the last four weeks:

Some other highlights:

- I can feel Baby B moving around! Sometimes I can feel A and C, but B is low, and protests with a little jab when I bend forward. I love feeling them.

- I am worried (no sh*t!). More nightmares- and I have some mental block about these upcoming weeks. In some tragic cases, the cervix cannot handle the next weeks, so I am on super high alert. Can't we invent some home cervical monitoring device? Anybody?

- My daughter said to me, "The babies are going to be okay Mommy! Worry, worry!" which tells me I need to stop it already (easier said than done) or at least spare my darling daughter Mommy's neuroses. You all get to read about them instead!

- It is "True Blood" night, and a new series called "Hung", about a gentleman in the oldest profession in the world premieres tonight on HBO ... looks quite entertaining.

Hopefully all will be well with the twins and all three tomorrow. Update then!


  1. Hey there! I think you should repost your weekly pics with your 17week pic slightly smaller, in proportion with the other three pics. It's hard to see the size difference this way.

  2. What a talented hubby you have! :)

    Wow, I can see the belly growing...what a beautiful sight. Lookin' good, Momma!

    I wish I could take some of your worry from you, but all I can do is offer LOTS of prayers and positive thoughts.


  3. Your belly is beautiful, Carrie! Glad to hear you are doing so well. Like down or keep your feet up when you can - good for the cervix AND for relaxing and easing those worries. :)

  4. Cute belly shots. I regret not taking enough belly shots with my Ella.
    I joined your story late. Did you get a cerclage at 12 weeks?

  5. Great pics, amazing how much you are growing! Make sure you rest and lie down a lot. We want them to stay in there as long as poss! Dont over do it.

  6. Love the pics!! Can't wait to hear the report today;) ((HUGS))

  7. Holy belly! You look wonderful and I can't wait to get an update on the boys!

  8. Whoops-that was from me not from Mesh...didn't realize he was signed in! ~Meg

  9. I love those photos. It really does show a growth spurt! How fun that you can feel one of them move already.

    I (for some reason) was worried about cervical incompetence too from about 18-24 weeks. Why? I pick the biggest thing that could go wrong at each stage and let that be my guide to worry.

    They are monitoring you closely and you are strong. I know you can do this. I just watched a Baby Story the other day on TLC (hey, I have the whole summer off). It was a mom of triplets who carried them to 35 weeks and had a one year old son she was carrying for at home and was not on bedrest and all babies were over 5 pounds! It made me think of you and that sometimes even multiple pregnancies can be easy. I hope your's is.

    Your daughters comment was cute. Sometimes kids know best.

  10. hehe! Look at that belly with your precious babies in it! You look great. I see the growth spurt! Have you been hurting (stretching)? I wish I could take your worrying away...I wish I could take all our worrying away.

    ..Looking forward to the update!

  11. That IS a growth spurt, holy moly!!! Those boys are getting big and strong in there, so exciting. :) Take comfort in the fact that your docs are on top of things and monitoring you closely--yours may very well be one of those relatively easy, complication-free (or minimal!) triplet pregnancies! Not the usual, for sure, but a girl I went to high school with had triplets last year and carried them until 37 weeks without an issue, she also had an older daughter at home. Her two boys and a girl trips are all big and healthy and happy without a single day spent in the NICU, amazingly enough! It can happen. I hope and pray that it happens that way for you!

  12. Carrie - I LOVE your belly! It is so adorable and getting ever more so every single day. I am so happy that everything is going so smoothly for you and I will be rooting for you during these next crucial weeks. Thank you for the great and frequent updates. Makes me sleep better knowing you and your babes are well. :) Many hugs.

  13. Check you out!!!

    I'm sorry about the worries. It is such a bummer that we work so hard during the day to repress only to have it all come out in the night.

  14. Nice growth spurt there! Wow, you look fabulous. My belly is growing by the day too. At 15 weeks, the dr. said my uterus was the size of a mom 20 wks pg with a singleton. The babies (and I) have grown like crazy this past week and the worries are also getting more and more (and not less) as the weeks roll by.

    I've met two triplet moms recently who carried to 36 wks without bedrest. Pretty amazing, but that can be our story too. I know we can do it!

  15. Hello there, I just found your blog.. I'm Pregnant with Triplets also and scared out of my mind. I will enjoy following your story. Beautiful belly shots by the way :)