Thursday, August 6, 2009

Show and Tell: Miscellany

For today's Show and Tell I have a little bit of everything. As most of you know, I am on strict-ish bed rest with the triplets and am counting the days until viability begins (24 weeks) and today is ten days to go! I installed a really useful Ap on my iPhone that counts down for me, so the exact time remaining is 9 days, 13 hours and 17 minutes. Not that I am excited or anxious.

The good news is that the higher dose of Niphedipine seems to be helping with the contractions, but I am still having them. They have told me more than once that four an hour is fine as long as it is not ALWAYS four in an hour, but if it is six in an hour that I need to be seen. Hoping that they stay under that and I can coast into my Monday appointment with a long and strong cervix. (Please, please, please.)

First of all, my dear friend B, who I have known since we were twelve sent me the most amazing card. She has always been a very creative card-maker and an avid cheerleader of her friends. I almost cried when I saw this in the mail, and have read and re-read the card all morning. I do think the envelope is the best part:

If you can't tell, the sentiments on it include: "Is it time for a protein shake?", "October or bust!", "Rest, rest, rest" and "You can do it BOYS!"

Secondly, Deb from Waiting on Life Part 2 gave me an award! As she pointed out in her post, some of the recipients did not even know she read their blogs at all (me included) so it was a great surprise! I am supposed to tag 15 people, but I don't know who has received it already. So if you feel so inclined, consider yourself awarded! I read all of your blogs and love their variety!

I will leave you with my 22 week belly picture. The boys are growing so big, and it is evident here! I tend to bump into things with the tummy now since it grows so fast that I don't have time to adjust.

Once again, a big, triplet-belly-sized thank you for all of the encouragement. The comments, links to other blogs and prayers are like gifts to me. When I read comments, I savor each one like a treasure and re-read them when I am feeling low. Thank you!

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  1. Does your uterus "Think" You are farther along then? Also, I just have a feeling, but go ahead and start almost strict BR now for a week! I found you through Michele's Life after Loss. I will be Praying and rooting for all 5 of these. Wow, Maia is the only girl. hehe.

  2. It sure sounds like you have a nice friend!

    I love the belly pic. Your tummy is growing. That's a great sign your boys are growing nice and strong.

  3. Love the countdown app!! You'll always know you're making progress.

    I'm sending some "long and strong" chants in the general direction of your cervix. :)

  4. What would we do without special friends? :) I'm the glad the contractions are getting less. You can TOTALLY make it 9 1/2 days... and even longer.

    Sending continuous un-labor vibes!

  5. YAY!!! I love the countdown idea... I think I might have to find something like that that gives me hours and minutes... Not that I'm obsessing either...

    10 more days! Less than really!!! Yippie!

    I love the sweet notes of October or bust and things like that. Those are adorable.

    Fingers are crossed that you make it well into October because that cervix cooperates and those contractions die down!

  6. That envelope is great! I just had a protein shake, but I'd have another one.

    I keep trying to squeeze by things, and I constantly misjudge. At least I haven't gotten stuck anywhere yet.

    Today the movie of your life would be called 9 1/2 Days. Probably less sexy than 9 1/2 weeks (though your belly looks great), but probably even more food. :)

  7. You look fabulous... as always! I wish I could send you some of the peanut butter chocolate fudge cheesecake I made the other day.

    Books I recommend for good time-wasting... Julie & Julia, anything by Philippa Gregory from her Tudor series, the 19th Wife, Liz Curtis Higgs' Highland Series, and Kate Morton's House at Riverton.

  8. Sending you good vibes, Carrie. And I agree with Mrs Gamgee -- you look fabulous!


  9. What a lovley friend :-).
    And wow what a tummy :-) And I will third - you do look fabulous!

  10. Gotta love the I-phone. There really IS an app for everything isn't there? Maybe you could be in a commercial.

    Love your friends' note. I wonder what the postman thought when he saw it. :)

    You have grown so much in such a short time. I cannot imagine what it feels like to have 3 babies in your belly. It must be amazing.

  11. Looking great!! Glad all is well;) Pat those boys for me!! (HUGS))

  12. Always thinking of you and rooting you and those babies on!!! You look amazing momma :)

  13. Still sending a steady stream of "STAY PUT VIBES" your way..

    And your belly is PERFECT. Gorgeous I just want to rub it... is that weird?

  14. What a gorgeous belly pic! Hope those babies stay put for a long while now.

  15. Cute card! Your friend totally rocks! I love people like that!

    Great belly pic! Do you have any bruises from bumping into things? ;o) Although you should be on your butt, so you shouldn't be bumping into ANYTHING, missy! Sending those babies lots of "stay put" vibes and "stay closed" vibes to your cervix. I know it's rough, but we're here cheering you on, hon!

  16. Hey Carrie,

    First of all, your baby bump is gorgeous, and I hope the babies stay healthy and stay put till the right time is around.

    Lovely in-mail card. That brings so much cheer!

    And oh, I got the same award from somebody I was not aware of as a reader of my blog!!!! But I loved that she gave it to me. That was very sweet of her.

  17. Carrie - nice belly :) rest rest will be so worth it in about 10 weeks....i emailed u...did you get it? praying for you :)

    Lacy - Florida

  18. I love seeing your belly grow! :)

  19. wow! it's amazing to watch the transformation! :)

  20. cute belly!
    you've been nominated, details in my blog

  21. Hello! New reader here and I wanted to give you a shout out from a fellow Seattle mama. Grow babies grow! So glad to hear the niphedipine is working (I was on that for a short time as well)! I am sorry about the TTTS worries - though you are in good hands if it comes to be.

    Also, love your funny preschooler's comments about bedresting! Ha ha! She is going to be a great big sis!

  22. Keep hanging in there. Lots of good wishes being sent your way for your next appointment.