Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jon and Kate plus 8 (plus my ovaries)

Okay, I have never seen this show until the OHSS-imposed bed resting. I had heard about it and was somehow able to avoid getting sucked into it. Last night, I found myself in a JaKP8 frenzy, I watched four episodes and recorded more for later. It is like some kind of crazy train wreck, that I can't click away from. Unlike most people, all I could think about the entire time was how she managed to have a healthy sextuplet pregnancy and, "Did some crazy quack doctor transfer six embryos or what?" but after some Googling, I discovered she did IUIs with injectables. According to my doctor, they don't do that as much because of the risk of higher order multiples, like their sextuplets. What do you guys think of the show?

I did find out that Kate had OHSS with the sextuplets and and had to be hospitalized, which is familiar territory to me. It made me like her more. Speaking of the OHSS... here is the update:

My blood work was normal. Yay for avoiding kidney failure! Also, I am bigger... ginormous. It looks like someone put a basketball under my too-big shirt. Thank God that flowy, loose shirts are fashionable, because I am hiding my girth under one every day. Secondly, I have to be monitored every other day, so back to see Wanda tomorrow. They hinted that they might do my beta a couple days early, though. HOLY HELL. I am so nervous- is 7dp5dt too early by blood? I don't know, but I am sort of dealing with the OHSS by trying to think that maybe I am pregnant, so if they tell me tomorrow that I am not, all kinds of breaking down will commence.

Thanks to everyone for the cheers and encouragement. I am hoping to either start deflating, or get good news... or both.


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with that show. I love the kids, they are adorable in a way that only multiples can be, but Kate herself makes me want to stab someone... specifically her.

    She is such a bitch to Jon. He must be a saint to take the crap she unloads on him all the time. A perfectionist + multiples is a BAD BAD BAD combo and it really is a trainwreck IMO.

    I'm still praying hard for you, love. I want uto have a success story to stalk for preggo pics because I am feeling the baby bug badly since we're facing the 1 year birthday of the baby dragon. SOooo that means you damn well better be pregnant so MY ovaries stop aching at every mention of newborns.

  2. ahh
    I fell in love with Jon & Kate plus 8.
    There is ALOT of negative stuff out there.. but to be honest.. its TV and not alot of people can say they know exactly how they would act with cameras around all the time.
    But I think Kate is geniune.. and really not that bad.

    Seriously if you like the show.. don't believe all the hype about them being evil and in slaving there children to be on tv.

    I am so hoping you feel better at the OHSS calms down soon.
    Oh and that you get your BFP!!!!

  3. I love the show too. Kate can get annoying at times, but you can tell she loves her kids and just wants the best for them. And the kids are adorable anyway. I actually started watching the show because I live in central Pennsylvania, and it was fun to watch for landmarks that I know.

    I don't think 7dp5dt is too early. My RE does the betas 6dp5dt and 8dp5dt. It might be on the lower side, but there should be an answer, I would think. Still hoping the OHSS means good news!

  4. Hoping the return of OHSS is a nice strong pregnancy indicator. Good luck and feel better soon (except for pregnancy symptoms which are allowed to rage on).


  5. I like JOn and Kate, but a lot less now that Jon was caught partying with some college kids (eeewwww).

    I hope you feel better soon, and that your beta is nice and positive. I'm totally impressed that you haven't poas yet - I was never that patient.

  6. I've been wanting to comment forever! For some reason the last time I visited your site I couldn't and I SOOOO wanted to wish you luck on your ER and transfer, which now I'm way too late for because my in-laws were in town and I've been too distracted to keep up with the blogs I follow. But I can still hold your hand, virtually, as you wait for those beta results and suffer through the OHSS--oh, you poor thing! I'm so sorry! But I truly hope it's all worth while. Can't wait to hear.

  7. M. and I are addicted to J&K+8...I agree, it's like a train wreck that I can't stop watching.

    I hope you deflate a little, AND get great news.

    Thank you again, for all your support the last few days...

  8. I really like JK+8. I think they are very genuine people and good parents. I don't think they take anything they have for granted and or sympathetic to infertiles. Plus the kids are so cute.

  9. i really like that show, but, as someone else said, i think kate is a bitch.

  10. I don't know how, but I've managed to avoid this show. I know that once I watch one episode, it will be all over.

    I'm so sorry that you're being subjected to additional wanding....but I am hoping and praying that you get some good early test results!!!

  11. I do watch the show on DH HATES it;) Good luck tomorrow...I will say an extra prayer for you!! HUGS!!!

  12. I couldn't believe about the IUIs either! I like the show. Kate can be harsh... but she has 8 freaking kids. I would probably be the same way.

  13. I watched the show a couple of times and couldn't stand Kate. I have some concerns about playing into people that appear to do (extreme) things for publicity (Octomom would be another)and wonder how much has been done for ratings. Of course, I am an outsider looking in, and therefore passing judgement. My DH also HATES the show - (but he hates all reality TV).

  14. But what I really meant to say, after all of that, was good luck to you!!