Monday, March 2, 2009

Suppression Check Numero 4

Oh, the waiting. All of us infertiles spend a good amount of time waiting. Especially going through IF treatments, it is not just the waiting to ovulate and the waiting to pee on a stick. It is waiting for blood work, protocols, and my personal favorite: calls back from the nurse. I love my nurse, don't get me wrong. She has a wonderful amount of patience and indulges my wild "what if?" questions with short answers.

However, she seems to take a lot of time off. Occasionally, I email her, which we are encouraged to do, and don't hear back. So then, maybe two hours later, I will call, and get her out of office voice mail greeting. I have been out of the workforce for a while, but what happened to auto-reply-out-of-office messages? Jeez! Now I have missed the "we'll call you back today" cut off time of 3:30... by four minutes.

Today, I wanted to find out if I could to my suppression check tomorrow instead of Wednesday, because I. Am. Losing. It. I can't bear the waiting to find out if I am delayed (again) or canceled (again) because my E2 is up or there is no cyst resolution. I am interpreting each little twinge in my abdominal area (Cyst is BIGGER) or bloating (Obviously, my E2 is climbing) as bad signs. I am desperate to start- I was supposed to start months ago, but lots of road blocks came up, and I am finding it increasingly difficult to be patient. Last night I opened my email to find a pregnancy announcement from a distant friend, letting me know that her second was on the way. I didn't cry... but then I was laying in bed with my husband, reading and the character in my book announced she was pregnant with their third child. I completely lost it and started yelling, "I am tired of being PATIENT!!" He sort of looked at me sideways, acknowledged that I had been patient, but I am sure he was thinking, "she is upset over a fictional character's fictional pregnancy? My wife is going batty!"

Clearly, I need to get a grip, but other than that, what do you ladies do to pass the time and to make the waiting a bit smoother? So far I am thinking:

1. Go running
2. Go shopping
3. Take a Valium
4. Chain myself to my RE's door until they do an ultrasound



  1. Hi, here from LFCA. I can't tell you how to deal with the waiting because, well, I handled it badly when I was in a similar position to yours (I also had my first IVF cycle postponed a few times because of high estrogen levels and a cyst). But I did want to stop by and say hello and hang in there. I hope you get good news soon.

  2. when doctors will be using iPads and iPhones to demonstrate to patient the procedure that they into?