Friday, March 13, 2009

Retrieval is Sunday Morning!

We will have retrieval at 8:45 am on Sunday morning, which means HCG to trigger at 8:45 pm, sharp. I am so excited, and terrified, and thrilled, and worried. Ahh, the conflicting emotions of infertility.

My favorite MA who is so responsive and answers my neurotic questions called me with HCG instructions and said, "Tell your husband to do it like shooting a dart. He is not doing you any favors by being slow and gentle in this case!" I am sure he's going to love that! Pretend your wife's bum is a dart board!

Well, with all of the encouragement to lazy lefty, she has caught up a bit with several larger follicles which they are hopeful contain mature eggs. Righty continues to be a huge show-off with about a dozen follicles over 18 mm which is great! My lining was about 12 mm and looks "nice".

E2 is "great" at 3306- pretty high! I am also ridiculously bloated, and am awaiting "pregnant?" looks. I reported the gigantic-ness of my tummy and they said now I have to start watching for OHSS. The key is to watch for a weight gain of 2 pounds per day for more than 2 days, and to measure your abdominal "girth". Yes, they say girth. She said to only drink Propel or Gatorade, and only when thirsty.

I am sure the weekend tonight and tomorrow will be full of nerves and worries, but I am trying to be hopeful and positive- that we'll get lots of healthy and mature eggs who will grow into strong embryos! Thanks to everyone for their support!


  1. Hey, I can post a comment this time!

    Good luck with the retrieval. I'm hoping that all the follicles contain a mature egg.

  2. Woooohooo! Good luck on Sunday -- I'll be sending good vibes from CA.

  3. Sunday...ooh, SO exciting!

    Yay for lefty catching up and a good looking lining.

    I'll be thinking about you on Sunday, good luck!

  4. Sending positive thoughts and prayers for tomorrow! Good luck:)