Tuesday, March 17, 2009

...Our Embryos

The fertilization update is in: we are going to have a Day 5 transfer on Friday the 20th! Our embryos have exceeded our wildest dreams- we still have 17 growing away in the lab, although some may not make it to blastocyst.

I asked the nurse about grading them, and she said they don't really do it until Blast day since ours are all doing so well. I knew that since some people have 3 day transfers, they might check on them tomorrow, but she said, "We won't look at them again until Friday. We do NOT want to disturb them!" I loved this- it made me feel like the Embabies were hanging out in a luxurious hotel, ordering room service and sleeping in Heavenly Beds. I hope they don't get too terribly comfortable as Mommy wants them to come home soon!

I also talked to the acupuncturist at the clinic and I am set to do a session before and after transfer. Then we will meet with the embryologist and discuss the quality of embryos and how many he recommends we transfer, but ultimately, it is our decision.

I am laying around still- I am so beyond bloated and sore. I called my nurse and she said, "With how many we got out of you, of course you are sore!" which didn't make me feel like it is going away anytime soon. I also seem to have caught a lovely stomach bug, so I have all kinds of good things going on in my abdominal area! Oh well, it is hard on the body, being a hen. Cluck.


  1. Cluck indeed! That's great news about your embabies -- I hope they are totally ordering room service and in-room movies.

    Sorry that you're feeling yucky. I can't even imagine.

  2. Seriously CLUCK! So glad your embies are hanging out in a posh spa 'do not disturb' petri dish...I guess it'll do until they get to your luxurious uterus.

  3. Great news! Though I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I hope the hyperstim clears up soon!

  4. Wow! That's awesome news about your embies AND the 5 day transfer! :)

    Hope you start feeling more like yourself, soon.

  5. Fried chicken on the way:) I'm sooo sorry I haven't been commenting on your blog. For some reason yours hasn't been updating on my blog page so I didn't think you were writing!! That's wonderful about your embies and transfer!! I'm soo excited for you honey!!!

  6. Hey there,

    Here from Cyclesista -- I LOVE the "do not disturb" idea. So wonderful.