Friday, March 20, 2009

Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise!

I had my transfer today! After all the worry over my mild OHSS and the possible cancellation of the transfer, I was evaluated by my doctor today who said since the fluid pocket in my abdomen was not larger, and I had not gained weight, he was comfortable proceeding with my transfer. I almost jumped off the table to hug him! He did remind me that pregnancy can exacerbate OHSS, but I have a pretty mild case.

I asked how the embryos were and he laughed, and said, "Awesome." There were two beautiful blastocysts, Grade A, that were ready to be transferred and four to freeze. A few more are in extended culture, trying to make it to freeze. He gave a bit of an attempt to get us to do a single embryo transfer, which we had considered, but with all the losses, we felt that we wanted to maximize our chance for success this cycle.

Then the embryologist came in and said, "These are perfect. I don't often hand out Grade A's, but I could swap out the pictures of these for the ones on the wall!" Then she asked me how we felt about twins, and said she figures our chance of twins around 70%. Holy. Crap. She went on to say that she would bet money that I would get pregnant... a good sign, right? We got to see their darling pictures, and watch as they pulled them from the lab into the catheter. They were sort of sticking together- she said they were holding hands. I thought they just did not want to be separated. I had acupuncture before and after, which was so relaxing and grounding.

So I am home now, resting on the couch (bed rest for 48 hours) and making myself a little crazy wondering if we should've only transferred one. If we had transferred one, I'd probably be worried that we should've transferred two! This is how I am and it might make my husband crazy. I am not worried about the insanity that is raising twins, it is that I am worried about them not being healthy. People do like to remind me that twin pregnancies are harder (of course!) but I just hope they will snuggle in and be healthy inside of me for eight or nine long months.

I will post a picture of the cutest Blasts EVER once someone brings me my camera. :)


  1. Ahhhh! Congrats! I'm so glad to hear that your blasts were so "awesome."

  2. That is AWESOME! I'm so happy for you! Way to go Grade A!

  3. Your transfer sounds awesome, as your blast were so nicely called :)
    Here's to hoping & praying for a nice BFP=and if it is twins don't let anyone scare you, it can be done! (Getting healthy twins~done it!!!)

  4. Hi Carrie
    Our IVF's sound very similar! I had transfer on Tuesday for two Grade A Blasts, we froze 7 on day 3 and then a couple more after transfer. I've had Grade 2 OHSS and been on bed rest all week. Now that my OHSS has dissipated I wish it would come back, the pain would at least give me that the IVF has worked.
    All the best for the horrendous 2ww. When do you test? I will be thinking of you1
    Here from ICLW

  5. Grade A...that is great! Love that they used "awesome" to describe your embies.

  6. Yay!!! I'm soooo excited for you. 2 grade A's..that is AMAZING!! I'm sending good thoughts your way:) Enjoy the bed's not often that we can relax and not feel bad about it;)

  7. Carrie, thanks for your comments on my blog. Happy ICLW to you too! :)

    WOW, 2x grade A blasts is simply wonderful. I'm so happy for you, and understand that we worry about the alternatives all the time, despite knowing that we made the best choice. Stick, embabies, stick. Rest up so those inseparable, hand-holding twinbies can snuggle in good.

  8. that's awesome! i had great embies transferred also. isn't it great when they make such awesome compliments about your body/embies, too? good luck with your 2ww...mine's almost over, and i'm DYING to know if i really am pregnant.

  9. Reading your post gives me goosebumps - two blasts holding hands... I can actually see them do that :) thinking of you. Sylvia